On the Edge of Obscurity

In deciding if I was going to start my blog again or just let it die a natural death, I went back and read some of my old blogs.  Man, am I funny or what?  But I’m also a little obscure.  Some of my readers just said out loud, A LITTLE?

I’ve made reference to a lot of things, from Mean Girls to A-Ha singing Take Me On/Take On Me, and I know one reader in particular (you know who you are), that might not get some or any of them.  Hang in there, I have a point.

Anyway, I was reading one particular post where I was all fired up about people who get away with everything from scamming exes to insurance fraud and I made a reference even I didn’t get.  And listen, I’m sure it made perfect sense to me when I was all fired up and writing it, but looking back, I thought, What the hell?  And I’m not going to go back and find it because we’re moving on, let’s move on together, but just know that I’m so obscure, sometimes I don’t even get me.

In fact, it took me days to figure it out.  And that ship has sailed, but the gist of it was, I’m a catch if you’re fishing, but you’re not fishing, you’re playing basketball.  That’s completely out of context, except not really because I just gave you all of it.  But when I read it months later, I was like, “playing basketball”, what the hell does that even mean?  And then…wait for it…I was changing my sheets the other night and I thought, Oh, rebounding.  Like on the rebound.  Get it?  Playing basketball.  Gaw dang, I’m clever.  The-Clever-Idiot-485x728

Except not really because not one person asked me about it.  SO, either no one reads this crap, which is always my first thought, or I’m the only one who didn’t get it.  Either way, not good.


1 Comment

  1. Whitney

    I always enjoy your blogs! I was wondering what happened to them for so long. I was missing hearing about everything!!

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