Drakkar Sonic Noir


Maybe 2014 will finally be the year I quit drinking diet coke. It really is bad for you. Why are all the bad things so good?

I would like to blanket apologize to my kids for all the damage I’ve done to them. Maybe I should convert their college fund to a therapy fund. I’m just kidding, no one has a college fund.


My car hop was wearing so much cologne, I can still smell it. Can you smell it? Good heavens. How can anyone work in an enclosed space with that guy. If I was married my husband would wonder who I’ve been with and I’d have to tell him the sonic car hop because I can smell it on me like he hugged me, which I can assure you he did not. I feel like I need a Silkwood shower though.

Tonight I’m going to ring in the new year with this migraine that’s been hanging around all day at my friend Heather holla!‘s house. I’ll try not to drunk blog later.


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