I’m not Brenda

I go through life thinking I’m invisible. I’ve been to a lot of school functions lately and if I don’t get the level of excitement out of someone I say hi to, I just assume they don’t remember me. So I reintroduce myself, mostly to, “Yeah, I know. I’m just not excited to see you.” Okay, maybe no one says that outright. I do get a lot of, “Yeah, I know” though.

I was at high school night for my eighth grader, Tenderheart. I’ve been in this school system for a really long time so I see a lot of people I know. But only in the sense of, Hey, I know that person from somewhere. There’s this mom who has girls the same age as my girls and I see her everywhere: the school, the haircut place….okay so just two places. Anyway, I didn’t remember her name, I never do and I just assume no one remembers my name either.

Then this happened:

Me: Hey, how are you?
Other Mom: I’m good. You?
Me: Good. I’m sorry, I never remember your name.
Other Mom: I’m Brenda.
Me: I’m Brenda.
Tenderheart: You’re not Brenda.
Me: I’m not Brenda. I’m Christy.

I was trying to say, Right, Brenda. As in, Oh yeah, I remember your name is Brenda but what came out was, I’m Brenda.

Then I came home and gave a blanket apology to my children for being the reason they’re so awkward.
Awkward family picture.


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