My coworker’s no Daryl.

We had an initiative on our ballot today and I’ve been visited at least five times by these people asking me if they can count on my vote. I’ve told every single one of them, yup. But by the third one I said, I’ve told all of you yes so why do you keep coming here? And they said, Because we can tell you haven’t voted yet.

Huh? Isn’t that private? Is anything private? Can they just tell whether I’ve voted and not what I’ve voted for?

I know from my Facebook feed that a lot of people aren’t like this, but I don’t talk about politics or religion. I mean, I do at home and I talk a lot with my kids about it and how important it is to vote and be heard and one of the things I hated about the swooper besides everything was that he never voted. I think you can make a difference through voting but I also know it’s a very private thing.

When Obama won this last time, one of my coworkers came in declaring, We’re doomed!! He’s one of those survivalists who I’d like to find in the zombie apocalypse if only for the rabbits he breeds to eat and his gun supply. Unfortunately, he’s no Daryl.

But I digress.

I remember very clearly when Ronald Reagan won the first time. I was just a kid and I was so nervous because I thought the whole world would change by morning. Awww, Delusional Christy’s my favorite..

I didn’t understand what it would take for things to actually change. That little bill on Capitol Hill who was going to be a law someday was really all I was working with.

When it was okay to joke again after 9/11, I remember someone saying the most relieved person in the whole world on 9/12 was Al Gore. It takes a special kind of person to go into politics and it’s just not me. See, I can see both sides. I can actually think about two things at once, which makes me a terrible candidate.


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