There are a lot of logistics in here.

I’ve been really stressed lately. Just work and money and bills and busy and having to explain the difference between wants and needs and my church is looking for a radical transformation, which I’m all for, I just don’t know what it’s going to look like yet.

One week I had something to do every single night and I don’t really like being that scheduled. At the beginning of the week I was worrying and thinking about all of it but it was too much. So I stopped and just thought about the logistics of Monday. And when Monday was over, I started thinking about the logistics of Tuesday, etc. and of course I made it through the week.

So Sunshine was stressed this last week because it was midterms and she had studying to do but then she had a concert in the city after a late class and then she was going to see her BFF at her college for the weekend and she called me like Wednesday and said she didn’t want to go to the concert. She’s had these tickets for months and she was meeting a friend there so she didn’t want to bail but she was praying for a heavier snow storm so she couldn’t leave her school.

I told her to take one thing at a time. I said to get through Wednesday, get through Thursday and on Friday just get through one event at a time and then go to the concert because she’s wanted to go for so long.

But a concert can be a hassle, the logistics of it. The venue was downtown, she didn’t really know where, the parking, leaving her stuff for the weekend in her car, cash for parking, finding her friend, where’s the venue, etc. And just know I’m not getting paid for each time I use the word “logistics” but it looks like I am.

Sunshine went to the concert, she found the venue downtown and a place to park, and she found her friend. When she got home, she thanked me for making encouraging her to go to the concert because she had “the best time ever”. Then she talked for over an hour about how good it was and she teared up talking about one part where they were all singing together and she was just overwhelmed by the energy. She said she “felt like grandma” because we come from an emotional family.

This is the funny part, and I use funny in the loosest way possible. She told me she was going to this concert and even though on the outside I’m encouraging, on the inside I’m racked with worry. So even though she said she was going, I had no idea who she was seeing. Then I started thinking if there was some small venue accident, I’d have no idea if that’s where Sunshine was. I tried looking up the band I thought she was seeing, The Young and Naked. Well, don’t google the young and naked FOR SURE because she was actually seeing The Naked and Famous. I seriously felt like I was a hundred years old trying to figure out where she was.

She told me after she was all talked out that she hoped I was never wrong when I tell her she should go to something because she’ll have fun. And I prayed I was never wrong either.



  1. fenix

    just wanted to say I love your blog! I can so relate to so much of what your posting except for the leaving home bit that is still about four years out for me but I already worry about it LOL

    • Thanks!! And as I told my coworker yesterday who told me his girlfriend is pregnant, it goes faster than you think!!

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