One, two, three, Quiet Game

Parenting teens is hard. I haven’t blogged that in a while. Parenting teen girls is all I know and they’re so different. Moonshine is purposely different from Sunshine, but I think she’s finding they have a lot in common. Maybe one day they’ll get past all the sibling stuff and be friends. I’m not holding my breath.

I try to see which one of my girls is most like me when I was little and I think it’s Tenderheart. She’s chatty and annoying, in the most loving way possible. I make her play the quiet game sometimes because she truly can’t stop talking. Moonshine is like me in that she talks non-stop AND she’s boy crazy. She’s prettier than I was in all my awkward glory so she worries me more.

She once went to a girl thing at the church and didn’t speak to another living soul there. When I picked her up I asked who she hung out with and she said herself. They had crafts and she did all that, but she didn’t really talk to another person. It broke my heart.

She gets along better with boys but now she’s in a bind because her friend she was going to homecoming with got back together with her boyfriend, leaving Moonshine as the third wheel. 20131015-202945.jpgDress and shoes bought and now she doesn’t want to go.

Here’s what I do. I make my kids be joiners. I make them do things I would never have done in high school. Go to dances, sporting events, participate in activities. And they have never come back and said they hate that I made them do that. In fact, they have all individually thanked me for making them get out of their comfort zone. Even Moonshine thanked me for taking her to the girl thing at church because even though she didn’t talk to anyone, she had a blast.


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