Swooper, No Swooping

I’m sitting at the tire place getting two new tires. I had a loaner on one because weeks ago I told you I had a screw in my tire and was told it was irreplaceable. Then last week I had a flat on another one and had to put that little donut on, which isn’t meant for long-term, or so I’m told. Yesterday I had to borrow my BFF Heather holla!‘s car to get my kids to school so today I got paid and was able to get the two front ones I was desperately needing.

Sunshine has an Honors dinner tonight and I’m her plus one. 20131008-102909.jpg
I think I told you (and by “you” I mean no one) but Sunshine wanted to go out of state for college. And I have family in three other states so that would have been fine, but it wasn’t going to be one of those states. It was going to be Maryland. She ended up going in-state only an hour away and I thank God every day she did. She’s had quite an adjustment period, and I can’t imagine if she would have been farther.

Moonshine told me she used to think I was “against her”. 20131008-103007.jpg
She told me she thought I was trying to ruin her life because I made her eat lunch every day and hassled her to get better grades. Seems legit to me.

I also have a million swooper stories but here’s the latest. 20131008-103158.jpgTenderheart had a sinus infection for two weeks. I took her to the doctor on a Monday and had to tell the swooper she was coming over with antibiotics that weekend. He called Friday to find out what was wrong with her and asked why I made her go to swim practice if she had a sinus infection.

Awwww, Swooper, God bless ya. 20131008-104402.jpg
Sshhhhh, Swooper, I’m swimming!
First of all, how dare you?? Second of all, she’d missed swim for two weeks since she felt sick. Third of all, she had been on antibiotics for four days and felt a million times better. Fourth, you didn’t even know she was sick. And lastly, please don’t try and make decisions on things you don’t know about. But, you’re so cute.

Can I tell you how much I love this tire place? Even though they took out their hot chocolate machine, they are so nice and took $53 off the total price because I looked pathetic they are awesome.

And I should have started with this but I cut my bangs, which I’m forever going to call “my fringe” because it sounds adorable. And I don’t know, I think I like them. I’ll know for sure when I can get the rest of my hair cut since I’ve let it grow out and I cut the fringe myself. But Moonshine said it covered my six-head so that’s something.



  1. Pictures please.

  2. Oh, Canada!

    Fringe! 🙂

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