Don’t ask me how I know

I think I’ve given up trying to appear more interesting. It is what it is.

I love movies. I’ve gotten away from reviewing them on my scale of “your baby’s ugly”, but I still love movies. However, I feel anxiety in a movie when the police or people of authority are the bad guy. Like when there’s a dirty cop and I always wonder who’s going to catch him, he’s the police.

I also feel anxiety when someone’s drowning. Oh my gosh, I’ve just taken five deep breathes to assure myself it’s not me drowning. I get immersed in the story and the characters and I feel actual anxiety.

I’m obsessive. I should be obsessive about exercising, and I am sometimes, but I also have a touch of conspiracy theory. I feel like if your car is computerized, they can program something to break when the warranty is up. It’s not that far out of the realm of possibility. But I’m not one of those crazy ones who doesn’t think we landed on the moon or space ship landings. I am, however, open to some good dialogue and hard evidence.

I think acne medicine causes acne. I think, oh I don’t know. I think too much sometimes.

I’ve had a couple of good parenting moments lately that I’m going to share because they are few and far between. Tenderheart told me about someone at church who feels left out. And I asked her what does she do when she feels left out and she said, I remember how you said if I feel left out in a group to insert myself in the group because I’m the only one who can make me feel left out. Bam!! Someone was listening.

Then Moonshine and I were talking about the age-old question, Can girls be friends with boys who have a girlfriend? I feel like the Can boys and girls be ‘just friends’? was really talked about when When Harry Met Sally came out. And in the end, they couldn’t be just friends, spoiler alert, they got married, right? And it’s tricky. I think of my married friends and while I like their husbands in a completely platonic way, I would never have lunch or have a texting relationship with any of them. You’re welcome.

So Moonshine was texting this boy who had a girlfriend who is also friends with Moonshine. I said, you can’t do that. What you need to know about Moonshine is she’s naturally flirty but not with bad intentions, it can just be misconstrued by horny teen boys. She gets it from her mother but my flirty certainly doesn’t work on teen boys or anyone for that matter.

So I told her my opinion and she scoffed. Literally, she has a scoff. Then she came home today and told me that she was complaining that I had said she couldn’t be friends with a boy who has a girlfriend. And I could just hear it, Hey, GBF, can you believe my mom said I couldn’t be friends with a guy who has a girlfriend? And GBF said, Yeah, she’s right. You’re playing with fire. The random boy standing by the locker eavesdropping said, No, you can’t. And then her close teacher said, Yup, your mom’s right.

And listen, I’m talking about more than just an acquaintance, I’m talking about texting all the time and going to lunch, more than just normal friend stuff. And maybe I’m completely off base, you can certainly tell me if I am but I know my limitations and Moonshine’s still learning hers. I also know that I’ve played with fire before and gotten burned and if I can save her from just one bad decision, I’ll consider that a success.


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