Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

I am at the tire place getting the screw taken out of my tire. Remember when that guy yelled at me that I had a screw in my tire? It was week’s ago. In fact I’ve driven to see Sunshine at college a couple of times between now and then. The tire guy just came in and told me he could see air and tried to sell me new ones, but with a negative balance there’s no room for new tires. Next.

The tire place is next door to a full service car wash and I was thinking about the time the swooper, who kept probably $50 in change in his truck, went to one of those car wash places and then told them they stole some change. Well, he was an idiot for leaving it in there and how could you even tell with all that change that any was missing? He’s an idiot and a scammer.

I worked at home today and just dried my hair and came in, so no make up. And I was thinking about this time I was in the 10th grade and came back from France with pink eye. I’m way too far ahead in the story, but I’m in a hurry at the tire place.

And side note, I’m up to five readers. Oh! Canada was really offended when I said my mom was my only reader. So thank you for being a reader. 20130919-155136.jpg

When I was in 10th grade, there was this really cute boy who was a super Junior. I think he’d gone to rehab and came back so he was a year behind where he should have been. I can’t even explain how cute this guy was but I was nowhere even on his radar. I was not cute and even though I’d gotten my braces off, I’ve had the longest awkward period EVER!!

Anyway, do you have a picture of how cute he was? And obviously a bad boy with that whole rehab thing, I even made bad choices as a 15yo. So after drinking my way through France over spring break on a school trip and almost getting sent home mid-trip, I caught pink eye from the plane.

And all of that basically meant I couldn’t wear makeup when I came back to school. Now, I was a child of the ’80. And even though I wasn’t this:

20130919-152845.jpgIt was close.

And on the first day back when I was probably still hung over from French wine, I passed the hot guy in the hall, and he looked right into my pink-naked eyes and said, Hello. Is it me you’re looking for? Okay, he just smiled and said Hi. My heart was in my throat and then the confusion set in. Was he talking to me? Wait, why was he talking to me? Was he blinded in rehab? I looked terrible. Well, I thought I looked terrible but I just looked normal, natural, no blue eye shadow.

This went on for the next few weeks until either school ended or he went back to rehab, one or the other. I was never brave enough to say more than Hi and obviously he wasn’t either. I wonder what happened to that guy.

By my senior year I had gotten rid of the blue eye shadow and thank God for orthodontia…..and Aqua Net.




  1. Oh! Canada

    Ohhhh, I wonder what happened to that guy too!! (Wait. Which one was he?!)

    • He’s never been mentioned and is probably dead.

  2. Oh! Canada

    In a FIRE!

    • Omg, I’ll bet it was! Damn it!!

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