I sleep alone. YEAH with nobody else…

And it’s not because I prefer to be by myself.

In fact, I don’t always sleep alone. Sometimes I wake up and Tenderheart has gotten scared and snuck in. 20130914-214814.jpg

Sometimes I wake up to this:


And sometimes I wake up to this:


This summer, Sunshine slept with me every night she had to get up early for work so I could wake her up, yet somehow she’s managed to get up all by herself in college.

When Sunshine was born I had zero help so she slept with us. It was easier for feeding and I got more sleep. As she got older she was harder and harder to get out of there.

When Moonshine was born I went the complete opposite way but somehow as they were able to get out of their own beds, they all seemed to migrate to mine. The swooper hated it but I liked having my babies so close. And I can guarantee I wouldn’t like who was in my bed with him when I wasn’t there.

And how could you not want to wake up to this?? Have you no heart, Swooper? That’s rhetorical.

And they hardly take up any room, right? It’s like they’re one person.

But I don’t recommend it. In fact, when my BFF was having a baby shower and looking for advice, the only thing I could think of was, Don’t let them sleep with you. As cuddly as they are, I still think it’s a bad habit to get into. But sometimes the cuddling is nice, and I wouldn’t change even one of those nights.



  1. Gfaith

    Why are you so sweet & sharp & funny?

  2. 1createblogs

    Thanks ! nice post !

  3. And you are sweet and sharp and funny!!!

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