Getting ready for the shortest world tour ever.

Tenderheart’s getting braces today and you know what that means – blogging from the orthodontist. Brace yourself, it’s going to be riveting. 20130911-203058.jpg
Let the awkward period begin!!

But first, blogging is really unfulfilling in some ways. Maybe if I could watch you read it to make sure you got my joke(s) it might be better. Like really, I put a picture of the lead singer from the band A-ha and said I had an a-ha moment. That’s comedy gold right there, my friend.

Someone called me a good mom the other day. But it was over text so tone is hard to judge and it was “what a good mommy”. I couldn’t tell if it was condescending so I just said, I know. Because I am.

But every time I think that, Moonshine says something to keep me in check. It’s usually, “You raised that” when referring to something Tenderheart said and/or did.

Oh, she also told me once that she didn’t think I had enough room in my head to listen to her stuff because of all the worrying I was doing about Sunshine. Ummm…I’m pretty smart, you know. And sometimes I can think about something while (brace yourself) actually doing something else!!!

Moonshine has a job. And one night she got in the car and told me about these two guys. And each story ended with, “and even he was married.” And she looked at me with a little judgey look like the guy wearing low hanging sweats and a mesh crop top can get a spouse but I can’t. Well, I’ll have you know…..she’s probably right. I’m trusting I’ll discover I have other gifts. Oh, like thinking about more than one thing at the SAME TIME!!!

She also thinks I’m going through menopause. The next time she asks me if I’m “hot-flashing”, I’m probably going to punch her in the face. I’m way too young for menopause, right? RIGHT?? See, it would be helpful if I was watching you read this so I could get the reassurances I need. I’m obviously going to have to hit the road and sit with my one reader.



  1. WJ

    I always enjoy your blog as I am eating my breakfast. I can imagine your voice and facial expressions as I read. You really have a way of writing.. as I’ve told you before. A true talent. They way you express yourself I usually can get in a chuckle or two. Congrats to Tenderheart on the removal of her braces. Now she’ll get to enjoy that super smooth feeling on her teeth!! As for getting the right guy… you will! You are just more particular with what you want now. You’ve definitely learned from your experience(s). I had my “perfect man” list and swore I wouldn’t sway from what I thought was important. So far that has worked out for me! As they say, “there is someone for everyone”. If someone takes the time to know you, they will know how much love you have to offer. Look what you’ve done for your girls!! You are amazing and I think you are a great Mom. As for menopause? Who knows these days!

    Have fun at the ortho… Enjoy your weekend!!


  2. sometimes I do LOL or at least SOL (snicker out loud) at your blog posts. If only you WERE here to see…because it’s really hard to translate that into a comment at the end. And sometimes I don’t get your references–like I probably wouldn’t recognize the A-Ha guy, so that joke would go right over my head. You are just too sophisticated for me sometimes. I said SOMETIMES.

    and yes, you are too young to be going thru menopause. Don’t even think about it. If you are feeling hot, blame it on summer.

    and I have so much to say in your comments, I should probly save some of those words for my own blog post….but, nah, you wouldn’t be near as pleased. You like comments…I’ll give you comments. 🙂

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