2nd RULE: You do not talk about Christy’s Blog.

I’ve had a couple of people…okay, a person say they wish they could blog as freely as I do. And I do blog freely but believe it or not, I don’t blog everything. However, the part I keep to myself is even more boring than what I post. And I know that’s not going to help in my ongoing quest to appear more interesting.

And the reasons I’m able to blog freely are as follows, in no particular order:
1. Who reads this crap anyway? Judging by my comments it’s only my mother.
2. I’m not Facebook friends with my kids’ friends. Or anyone I work with for that matter.
3. I trust that my one reader or my mom will not go running to Sunshine and say, Your mom blogged that you’re having a hard time at college. Or hey, Moonshine, I hear your boyfriend dumped you two days before your month-o-versary.
4. As much as I wish sometimes I was writing fiction, all this crap is true.
5. Who reads this crap anyway? Hi, Mom!!

So Moonshine got her heart broken. Well, as much as you can at 15. She was dating a senior and he said they didn’t see each other enough. Not that he’d asked her out or tried to see her more, but you get the point. She immediately went to the bathroom and cried. She was fine by the time I got her but I remember that feeling very vaguely.

Okay, seventh grade, Chip broke up with me because I wasn’t ready to kiss. I was a late bloomer, Chip, and you had a perm.

I’ve told Moonshine from the beginning to just have fun and maybe it will last until Homecoming, it didn’t, because he’s a senior and it’s not like this loser’s the one, if there is even a ONE. I’ve told my girls for years they’re not going to meet the one they’re going to marry in middle or high school, so just have fun with it.

This is as good a time as any to repost my opinion on my daughters’ future ex-boyfriends. Right HERE

I literally just wrote out a completely different blog here and then realized one, my blogs are too long; and two, what do you have to look forward to if I just blog everything now? I’m into delayed gratification starting right now.

Moonshine’s into cuddling Lola.


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