That’s just not natural, my friend.

In my continuing effort to appear even more interesting, I’m going to tell you what freaks me out.


It’s ivy growing on houses. This picture almost sold me on it though:


It’s so beautiful but still my fear is that it’s going to come in my room at night and strangle me in my sleep.

Or Seymour will feed me to it:


Things that grow in unnatural places are a little scary. I have this thing in my yard that the previous people called a “choke weed” and I don’t know where it starts but it will wrap around a rose bush and pull it to the ground. It’s terrifying. It also grows up the side of my air conditioning unit. That’s not natural, my friend.

I went to Moonshine’s parent/teacher conferences tonight and she was in a terrible mood. I had to go get gas and I bought her a Starbucks in an effort to get her mood up, and as I pulled into a parking space this man yelled, You have a screw in your tire. And I said, It’s about time I had a screw somewhere. I didn’t really say that.

Anyway, Moonshine’s history teacher said her papers are good but she rambles too much and then I thought about my blog. According to Michael from The Big Chill, the average person only reads something “as long as it takes to read during the average crap”. So just as I’ve been told as long as Moonshine’s been in school that she talks too much, I’ve been told I’m a little too chatty myself. And no one needs to tell me she gets the rambling writing gene from me as well. But as Bob Dylan said, “I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler, I’m a long way from home. And if you don’t like me, well, leave me alone.”



  1. Anybody who quotes The Big Chill and relies on it as the truth it is, is okay with me.

    • I actually do that quite a bit! I love that movie!!

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