First Rule of Fight Club….

I did a whole post about how I want to Fight Club this mom from the swim meet and either user error or divine intervention deleted the last part of it so I just deleted the rest of it.

Just know there’s this awful mom who eavesdropped on my conversation with another mom about how I’m sad about Sunshine leaving and she basically mocked me and asked me what my problem was.

If you’re an avid blog follower, she’s the same mom who said something very offensive a few years ago about the stereotypical gym teacher at our school. Apparently the outfit I was wearing made me look homophobic. I haven’t worn it again.

And my feelings about Sunshine are completely valid. Yes, I know it’s great for her. Yes, I know she’s only an hour away. Yes, I know this is part of life, but Bitch, I wasn’t even talking to you!!!! My real friends were texting me to see how I was doing with the move and concerned about me, not making me feel like my feelings weren’t valid.

Man, I hate that lady.

But you know what I don’t hate? Everything else in my life. I am so excited for Sunshine. She texted me to let me know she’s met a bunch of people, she loves her roommates, and she’s really excited about being there. That makes me feel so much better, but she’s my girl and I miss having her here.

I moved to Denver when I was 19. I lived with my dad for a month and couldn’t stand it so I moved into an apartment. I couldn’t afford a phone and had to walk to a pay phone to call my mom. What’s a pay phone, Grandma Christy?

I can’t even imagine not being able to get ahold of Sunshine whenever I needed. My mom actually had to track me down at my job once because she couldn’t find me. And I’m not texting excessively, I’m giving Sunshine her space, but just knowing I can always get in touch with her makes me feel so much better.

And this post, not surprisingly, doesn’t have much of a point but I’m just going to say by the time I move Tenderheart to college, I’m going to be a professional. I’m going to make sure she doesn’t forget a fan, we’re going to get there earlier, I’m going to make sure she packs lighter, and I’m going to be in better shape.

Four words: Three floors, no elevator.


1 Comment

  1. Mom

    Tell Bitch to butt out, she wasn’t in the conversation!!! All justified feelings, you are doing great!!!

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