Molly and Lola are the best judges of character.

I started this post sitting in the orthodontist office blogging about how Tenderheart has pushed me over the edge, I’m so mad I can’t even stand it. I had to go to a swim team meeting Wednesday, I took Thursday morning off to go get her physical, I’m going to pay the fee, the ONLY thing she has to do is get her stuff together and she couldn’t manage it.

It’s my fault. I’ve babied her. And she’s the third born, she was my baby but I’ve almost handicapped her. She can’t do anything. And it’s frustrating and I was frustrated and I yelled for a good 20 minutes but it doesn’t fix anything. Nothing changes.

Here’s why I was so proud of Sunshine in yesterday’s post, basically what parents do is raise human beings. But you have to teach them to be human beings, right? Go give Uncle Bob a hug. Grandma said hello, now you say hello. They don’t come out knowing all that, you have to teach it. Call grandma because it’s her birthday or because it’s Tuesday. Please, thank you, they’re called manners. I had a friend tell me my kids said thank you too much. I’m not sure that’s possible.

And you only need to read the first story or any other post to know I’m FAR from perfect, but I did teach them to be human beings. But you never know if any of it takes until your kid does something like text her sister without being prompted or give words of encouragement when not specifically told.

A lot happened Thursday but this was the best and by best I mean worst.

I think I’m going to change the monkey’s name to the swooper because monkeys are so cute and he’s really giving them a bad name. Besides, his specialty is swooping in and taking credit for having great kids when his job was really done at conception. Gross.

Anyway, I had to deal with the swooper today when he and his posse brought back Sunshine’s car that he was supposed to have fixed but I think he just had his family drive all week while we were gone. He asked if he could come in to see our new dog and then told me he was alone this weekend if I wanted to come over for a late night visit. All while his posse was waiting outside for him.

I’m going to let my mother pick her jaw up off the floor as she’s sucked all the oxygen out of the room gasping while reading this, and I will tell you that I said, No, thank you. He texted me later with the same offer and I told him, Nope, I’m good.

He said we could “just go to dinner” and I reminded him that he has Tenderheart this weekend and I have Sun and Moon Shine, and he said I could bring them and we could have a family dinner. I told him that would be 75 degrees of awkward and again, no, thank you. What’s wrong with that guy?

It is nice to see some things never change though.

And neither dog would come to him. I think they can both sense evil or bullshit.



  1. carikelley

    wow, just wow. He really is a piece of work. Sometimes, I pretend you are making this stuff up so I don’t lose faith in mankind. Just…wow.

    Your girls are very polite, you did a great job. YOU. You get all the credit. He gets none.

    • I wish I was making this stuff up but I’m not nearly that creative.

      And thanks!!

  2. Mom

    OH MY GOSH, are you kidding me, and I nearly strangled with laughter when I was sucking the air out of the room and reading that you expected me to suck the air out of the room!!!
    He never seizes to amaze me. So sad for your wonderful girls to have that for a father!!!

  3. Debjoperk

    Your calling him “Swooper” reminded me of Dora the Explorer (hey, I have little kids). There’s a character on there whose name is “Swiper”. He’s a fox and he’s always sneaking around in the background “swiping” things. When you see him, you’re supposed to yell, “Swiper, no swiping!” and he goes away. It’s kind of creepy how Dora can never see him coming but my kids are there going, “Swiper! Swiper!” and wondering what is wrong with her. You should try yelling “Swooper, no swooping!” Whenver he comes around. Maybe he will go away then.

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