I’m either on the highway to heaven or the stairway to hell.

I got kicked out of a concert once for drunkenly slurring yelling, Play Highway to Heaven!! Huh? Yeah, it was Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin on his solo tour, and I either wanted him to play Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell by AC/DC. Thanks DebJoTink. Security didn’t care which one I was talking about, they just wanted me to leave. Awwww, youth.

So I’m on my way to get Moonshine from her babysitting gig and I hear Stairway to Heaven then immediately following, I hear Highway to Hell. That’s weird, right?

And it’s not like I think I’m Truman or anything but sometimes weird things happen and I wonder why. I sometimes have déjà vu like I’m in the Matrix and I didn’t even understand that movie. But why did I go that night when I wasn’t going to and then was really glad I did? And I’m not talking about the Robert Plant concert. Things like that.

I was going to do a blog about whether you can go home or not, but that will have to wait.

I cried a lot tonight. I’m very emotional. I had to take Moonshine to a babysitting gig, and she was telling me she got a text from Sunshine, who’s still in Dallas, wishing her luck on her first day of school. If you’ve read more than this one post, you know what a tumultuous relationship they have had, and I’ve always said they’ll either come around or never speak again. Seriously, it could go either way.

So to hear Sunshine sent her a text wishing her luck was surprising because I hadn’t told her to. But wait, there’s more. Then Sunshine sent her a text asking how her first day was and Moonshine told her she had some problems fitting in during this one class, and Sunshine said she had the same problem but to hang in there and it would all work out. She told her that everyone feels like that at first and it will get better.

Now, of course, this is exactly what I had told her the day before but Moonshine’s only 15 so I still don’t know anything. I will one day, but she took Sunshine’s advice and had an even better second day of school.

And listen, I’m not naive enough to think we’re all sunshine and rainbows because of a couple of text messages, but if you’d had the summer with these two like I have, you’d be happy with anything at this point. And I consider this a step in the right direction.

This was actually the highway to Dallas.


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