Moonshine says, Don’t Read Me

Moonshine has a song on our iTunes she titled “Don’t Listen to Me”. I play it every time she’s driving because it irritates her. It’s Grenade by Bruno Mars. She hates it. She always yells, Where are you that they’re throwing grenades at you?? I don’t know but I could probably catch it and throw it somewhere else.

You know what pisses me off? People who manipulate and lie for ill-gotten gains. These people always land on their feet. Manipulators, liars, bitches.

See, I’m a nice girl and I deserve a nice guy. But guess who’s getting all the nice guys? Bitches. And you know what they’re doing to the nice guys? Breaking their hearts. Using them. Manipulating them.

So what does that leave for nice girls like me? Assholes. And I’m nice, just ask me. Ask me anything. I’m smart, interesting, witty. But you know what I’m not? A bitch. I’m not a liar. I would never deceive you. If you’re fishing, I’m a catch. But that and 1.50 will get me on the bus.

And I don’t need comments about how that guy is out there. BLAH. Because I’m sure that guy is out there but he’s probably playing basketball. And don’t take this as desperate because I’m not, I just know things and I hate it. I have to get it out, it’s in my head. This is why I have a blog so I’m not carrying it around. And because bitches be crazy.


And I’ve never asked for people not to comment, they just don’t, but don’t comment and be like, Waah, I’m a nice girl and would never do that to my nice guy. Fine, you’re an outlier. Congrats.



  1. carikelley

    Uhhh…let me just say that I would not have wanted to be around you on the day you wrote this blog…it seems like it was an angry day. Really really deep dark thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I just wish I felt like I had the freedom to share my dark angry thoughts without fearing offending anyone.

    And what does that all have with Moonshine?

    oh, and cute doggy!

    • Ummm..nothing really to do with Moonshine, but do you know how hard it is to come up with catchy titles?? And I’m pretty sure no one reads this crap so then no one gets offended. Bonus. 😄

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