Christy Goes Hobo on a Train

I should have been a flight attendant. What? I used to be cute. I was 19 and I’d been living in Denver for a while when a lady I worked with, who had been a flight attendant, set up an interview with one of the airlines who was coming to town for a job fair. I didn’t go. I was dating some loser who said I’d have to be single if I was going to be a flight attendant. I wish my story ended with….and I became a flight attendant!! However, you know how the story ends.

I’m antsy. I’ve always been antsy. I remember being 18 and looking up at the sky and just wanting to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere. I specifically remember being at the drive-in with a pre-loser loser boyfriend and telling him I just had to go somewhere. Maybe I thought another place would be better than that place, but it’s still you you’re left with.

Which brings me to Hobo on a Train. 20130714-225749.jpg

I wish I was this original but I heard it years ago on a radio station where the DJ was saying if he ever robbed a bank or had to get away in a hurry, he’d just go Hobo in a Train. Remember old movies where there were just hobos riding the rails? That’s me without robbing the bank, of course.

And it’s all a metaphor for just dropping your life and picking up another one somewhere. If I didn’t have to do something dangerous, I wouldn’t mind going into the witness relocation program, which I just typed as witless, where I obviously wouldn’t qualify.

And I will admit, when the kids are bickering or my bills are piling up, I’ve thought about just going to the tracks and hopping the rails. Where would I go? Would I go east or west? Do I want to see the sunrise or set over the ocean? Where does the train go anyway? Could I actually hop up on to a freight car?

My mom can stop reading here…..When I was probably 15 or 16, we snuck out of my friend Diane’s house and met a couple of randoms that I’d like to tell you we knew, and they drove us to the train tracks to kill us watch the sunrise. We climbed up to the top of one of the freight cars and watched as the sun came up and then we went home. Do you know how lucky we are to be alive? My point is the train was abandoned and there were no hobos, but just being up there with the wind in my face, I felt so free.

And as my Summer of Love has gone from a Summer of No Love to a Summer of Open Hostility with the two remaining children I have here, I’ve thought of going Hobo on a Train at least twice just today.

So think of me as you pass that freight train along the open highway and imagine me in one of the abandoned cars just getting away from it all.



  1. carikelley

    It does sound so carefree and liberating but unfortunately is probly much harder than real life. 😦
    Is it weird that I’m jealous of your teenage sunrise top-o-boxcar experience?! Sounds dreamy, like straight from a movie! Glad you survived it.

  2. AH, THE OPEN ROAD!!! 🙂

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