Me and Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett wrote in A Pirate Looks at Fifty about finding the perfect bag, which I can completely relate to. Do you know how hard it is to find a bag that fits all your needs?
This might be my problem too.
I did a post a couple of years ago on whether to Match or not. It was my most read and commented on. A full service blog would link to it, but you get what you pay for. Shockingly (or not), I did not Match or Eharmony or any variation of it. How do you meet people of the dating variety though? All you married folks, just ponder that for a moment. My ex went to a family reunion. I have one coming up, but unfortunately I’m not able to make it. That could have been my chance. NOT!

I was talking to my office mate Jay and he told me I should go on; and I said, I’m not over 50, jackass. It may have sounded just like that too.

And I’m not desperate or anything, just curious since I haven’t actually dated since I was 19, so where do you meet people? And I’m not talking marriage, I’m also not necessarily talking sex, but companionship: dancing, movies, trips, dinners, hanging out, conversating, etc.

I’ve stayed away from all of it because a, I didn’t know what it would do to our family unit; and 2, my ex pretty much cured me of wanting a relationship. But something’s been stirred and now that my oldest is going to college, my middle one has a job, my youngest is 13, and someone told me yesterday I’m almost an empty nester but that just translated to “alone” and I know I don’t want that. But how?

And another thing, you have to meet someone who’s in the same place in life, right? I wouldn’t want to go out with someone who had an infant at home because I personally wouldn’t want to start over. *cringe* I can almost see the finish line.

So my theory has always been that when Tenderheart is in late high school, I’ll get in awesome decent shape and join a softball league or something. I used to be quite good. And that’s how I’ll meet someone. Or by that time I’ll be able to go on freakin’ because I’ll be so old.

But maybe I don’t want to wait that long anymore. Maybe I feel like I’ve done my kids a disservice by not dating. I’m not sure they have an example of how a relationship works or how to work things out or anything. Sunshine’s probably going to fall in love with the first guy in college and not know how to navigate it. Not that I was a great example when I was married, maybe my dating life would have been just as bad.

And it’s all about timing, right? You both have to be single and ready to mingle and all the stars have to be aligned. Dammit, I was never good at astronomy.

Here’s what I do know, I know I don’t want to just wake up to this bitch for the rest of her life. Not that she’s not cuddly…


And according to my married friends, nothing’s perfect so maybe it doesn’t have to be the perfect backpack, maybe you just carry it a while and see if it works. And where the hell is my lost shaker of salt?


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  1. Mom

    Oh Honey, the right person is out there, I just don’t know where.

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