My Facebook Musings

I love Facebook. I find it so interesting. I’m interested in people and I’ve met some fascinating people. I wouldn’t know half as much about my family if we didn’t have FB. And I want to know things, so I think the Zuck made it just for me. I am, however, thankful Facebook wasn’t around when I was getting divorced. For my new reader, my divorce was a long back and forth game, on his part, and he tortured me for a lot of years. I tried as long as I did because I wanted my kids to have the dad I didn’t. And also because I didn’t think I could raise the girls on my own. It’s amazing though what you can do when you’re forced to.

Back to Facebook, you’ve seen that friend who posts a long and drawn out breakup story, maybe you’re that friend, that would have been me. Of course, most of them are deleted soon after in the harsh reality of daylight and the “what have I done” moment. You know, people can read that stuff, right? My Facebook posts would have been soooo dramatic. And I would have used the hell out of that relationship status. Christy Doolittle is in a relationship, out of a relationship, in a relationship, out of a relationship. It would have been like a revolving door because that’s what it felt like in real life.

At the end of my marriage, I was sick of talking about it. I was sick of hearing myself, and I know my friends were sick of me. I’m glad I wasn’t blogging at the time either. It’s bad enough I talk about it now. There are so many things that happened during that time I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Yes, that’s right, I don’t share EVERYTHING. Mostly because none of it makes me look very good.

Maybe if you have a history of posting something and deleting it, there should be an app that takes your blood pressure before you’re allowed to post anything. Or if you post the words “it’s over”, Facebook can recognize it and you can have a couple of click throughs asking, Are you sure you want to post that? I know personally that I’ve been the person who needs to be saved from myself.

And Facebook isn’t for everyone. Moonshine very briefly had one before I had to save her from herself. And isn’t it interesting that we just put all this information out there that can’t ever really be deleted and then we’re shocked and surprised when someone uses one of our pictures or steals our identity. I don’t find myself that interesting where anyone would want my identity and I know they wouldn’t want my credit score. So listen, don’t go searching Facebook for Christy Doolittle because a, that’s not my name and 2, go back and read a.

You can go ahead and use this pic because I stole it from somewhere else.



  1. Mom

    I do like FB, we wouldn’t have known Sherri fell out of the golf cart! And I think your blog is cathartic.

  2. carikelley

    I am VERY glad fb didn’t exist when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure I would have been ridiculous and embarrassed myself daily.

    I heard once that people put their highlight reel on fb…that’s why everyone’s life always seems better than mine…except you…thanks for sharing your bloopers and behind the scenes footage. 😉 aka, thanks for being real!

    • Hahaha. My bloopers!! That’s hilarious. Can you imagine my life’s blooper reel??

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