My Summertime Secrets

For as long as I can remember, my mom has taken my kids for the summer. I justify it by saying I’m a single mom who doesn’t get a break. When they were younger they would go to their dad’s every other weekend. But then they started dropping like flies and only Tenderheart goes over there now. Also, they’d rather be at the lake, on Gma’s boat in Oklahoma than in the living room all summer staring at me while I work.

But the truth is, by the time the school year is over, momma needs a break. I can feel it starting in like April, I need a break. Then they would go to Oklahoma and my Summer of Love would begin. But there was never any love as I always dreamed there would be. They were movie going, eating out, TV watching, no dinner making, reading, sleeping in, working out, doing as I please summers.

Not once did I hear, “I’m hungry”, “What’s for dinner?”, “Can we go…?” Some days there was little to no talking at all. It was peaceful and calm and awesome and lonely. About two weeks into it I would miss them terribly and want them back immediately. Every time I got them back they would be taller, tanner, different, more mature.

Last year, Sunshine wanted to stay home so I told her she had to get a job, and she did. I also told her early on, you’re on your own. I told her my summer rule of every man for themselves. This year, Moonshine wanted to stay. Same rules applied, she had to get a job, but it’s been a slow and arduous process. In fact, she’ll probably start work about the time school starts.

Last night Moonshine was walking around the kitchen saying how hungry she was. I said, I don’t make dinner in the summer. I grill a lot but my propane’s out so I made a grilled cheese. And stop asking me for dinner!!! Momma’s off for the summer.

Here’s what we do:

We watch The Bachelorette and pick our favorites. We watch So You Think You Can Dance (dance, dance). We catch up on the Fall shows we missed and watch the new and old summer series like Rookie Blue. We go to quirky movies like Much Ado About Nothing and The Kings of Summer. I Facebook fauxmance and dream of realmance. And just be. I like to just be and think about that Summer of Love that’s coming, because I know it’s coming, my friend.


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