What would your superpower be?

The Invisible Woman starring Christy Doolittle

I used to think if I was a superhero, I’d want to be The Invisible woMan. Is that a superhero? I like the idea of knowing what someone really thinks about me. And then I did.

It was years ago at my first big-girl office job and another company had taken us over and we were having to work with what were probably going to be our replacements. And I was really young and wasn’t that professional and didn’t like change. Who does really?

We had those tall cubicles, and I was down on their floor leaving a note for someone and I heard someone in the next cubicle say some not so pleasant things about me. Things like, That Christy Doolittle is such a bitch. If she doesn’t cut it out I’m going to kick her ass. Ha! Can you imagine?!? I mean, really, can you imagine me being a bitch? And someone wanting to kick my ass for it? Did I tell you I was really young? And I had a lot going on and I probably wasn’t very nice.

I saw her later in the day and I challenged her to a duel apologized for being a bitch. But you should have seen the look on her face when I told her I overheard the conversation. And I did apologize for being a bitch. She then probably thought twice about talking bad about someone in a high cubicle farm.

I also overheard my sister talking about my taste in scarves one Christmas. That’s okay though, I’m not a scarf gal and my girls value her style opinion over mine anyway.

When I started this blog earlier at work, I had a point, but here we are at the end with nothing. Sorry, Oh! Canada In short, be careful who you talk about and where. And if your purse calls or your pocket dials me, just know that I’m going to first, try to get your attention; but then, listen to the entire thing like I’m The Invisible Woman. So only good things, okay.


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