Playing Doctor For the Second Day in a Row

Yesterday I took Moonshine to the doctor and in all fairness to the doctor, she wasn’t our regular pediatrician and in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have taken her to a pediatrician. But she’s 15 so we started with the pediatrician.

After waiting 30 minutes for them to look at the blank on her blank, the doctor said things like, Oh my goodness, that’s odd, I’ve never seen anything like that, have you ever seen anything like that? Ummmmm, you’re the doctor!!! Then she had to call a specialist and we had to set up another appointment, which is where I am now.

She looks much more pathetic than she should.

Can I tell you again how thankful I am to have a flexible job? Because I’ve got nothing, no support system, no helpful co-parent, it’s all on me and its exhausting. I’m exhausted.

I used to joke that my summers were summers of love because I would ship all three of the girls to my Mom’s and then have about two months of heavenly nothing. There was no actual love in those summers of “love” but there was a lot of time to decompress and just be. Sometimes I just need to be and not have someone calling my name or needing anything from me.

A few years ago I sat on a beach in San Diego and just listened to the ocean watching the sun go down. That was the only thing in my ears, in my head, just absorbing the ocean and the last little bits of sunlight.


How I long to be sitting there right now.


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  1. Ah….I do love some beach sunsets, too. It’s my mental happy place. Hang in there, Linds will be up and out of the house in a blink…and then it’ll be all you. All the time…

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