Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news

I’m at the doctor with Moonshine who has a blank on her blank. It’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s a same day appointment and is it me or do women having babies seem younger and younger the older I get? However, I know this girl across from me can’t be any older than Sunshine and has a toddler and an infant. A little infant. Moonshine just told me she has baby fever and I slapped that right out of her.

So again with a riveting blog from a doctor’s office but this place told me 1:15, then called back because of the seriousness of it, I can only assume, and asked us to come in before 1:00 and 30 minutes later, we’re still here. What is it about doctors that can’t seem to keep it on schedule? We came in one time and their doctor, who I love, told me that people were bringing their kid that was sick and then other siblings for the same appointment to avoid the extra co-pay. What’s wrong with people?

And I understand the appeal, you have five kids under five all with strep and you know it’s strep but you have to get a prescription for each one. Hey, don’t have five kids under five if you can’t afford five co-pays. Okay, I’m kidding kind of. But how inconsiderate to bring them all when you’ve only made one appointment.

I made an appointment once for three flu shots. Don’t worry, they knew I was bringing three so they scheduled accordingly. Sunshine was about five and you can do the math on the rest. So she was a really big talker but the closer it got to the shot she started getting everyone worked up until all three were screaming and I had to block the door. It was the worst thing I’ve ever heard and another room probably thought we were torturing them.

Currently Moonshine is going, Momma, momma, MA!! Now she wants me to play music. Now she’s pretending to cry like the infant in the next room. Now she’s giving the universal sign for, I’m hungry. Now she’s whining that she wants to go home. Now she wants to steal a pair of gloves.

Where oh where is my Summer of Love??




  1. Mom

    How many years has it been? I really wasn’t ready for Your summer of love to end! 😦

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