Your Momma’s a Magic 8 Ball

I find being a parent to teens very humbling. Never have I felt like I knew less except during my marriage.

I remember when my girls were little and they thought I hung the moon. Now I don’t think they think I know where the moon is. When they were little, they would ask questions and just believe me. Now, they don’t even ask questions and I’m like some kind of magic 8 ball that just spouts wisdom no one takes seriously. It is certain

So Moonshine’s been trying to find a job. She’s at a disadvantage because she’s only 15, but she has a trip to New York on spring break and she wants a new laptop. She’s had two interviews where Sunshine works and I don’t know why she can’t just take Sunshine’s job because she’s not too thrilled with it right now.

Sunshine asked the other day, Why am I working? Reply hazy, ask again And I said, I ask myself the same thing all the time. Actually what I said was, For the money. Shut up and go to work.

Back to Moonshine, she had a group interview on a Saturday and they said they’d call on Thursday. Friday night at 8:15pm they asked if she could come in on Saturday morning for interview two.

Side story: Saturday morning came and I went to take her to her interview and I had no car keys. No.Car.Keys.Anywhere!!! The spare has been lost forever and the one set Sunshine had borrowed Friday night, she stuck in her purse, which she had at work. Heather holla! was able to take her and I’ve never been so thankful to have her so close. Anyway, Moonshine comes home from the interview and gives me the keys Sunshine had and she handed me both sets. Not only did she have the keys from the night before but she’s had my spare for WEEKS!!! Months even! Did my head explode? It is decidedly so

Okay. After the second interview, they said they’d call Monday because the team lead really wants her to meet the owner. Outlook good. But by Wednesday when she hasn’t heard anything, she was really down. Here’s where I tried to help. I told her to call. She was mortified. My sister told her to call, her gma told her to call, and finally Heather holla! told her to call and she finally decided she’d call. My sister, who hires people, gave her a script and I made her do it Thursday night after the dinner rush. And not surprisingly to me they thanked her for calling, said they’d been really busy and the owner had been out of town, and they set up her third interview for this morning.

She walked back to the table last night and said, I’m not going to tell you you were right but thanks for making me call. After this morning’s interview they said she’d hear by Monday or they’ve gone with someone else, but at least we’ll finally know. It is decidedly so

I’d hire her


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