One down, two to go!

Sunshine graduated last week. I know everyone knows, but the whole process was awesome. All the small after-play parties I had over the years were just in preparation for the monster party I threw after graduation. And my yard held up and my house looked awesome and the best thing I ever bought was a badmitton/volleyball set to entertain people outside.

When I was planning the party, I asked Sunshine if she wanted her friends or just family and friends and she said she felt weird about inviting her other friends who were graduating to celebrate her graduation. But then, about a week before the party she told me she was inviting 35 friends on Facebook. Ummm….okay then.

So my small party ended up having like 17 kids with the rest of our family and my friends; and again, that volleyball net and awesome weather was a life saver!!!

This is what I got her for her graduation:

The inscription says, “The love between a mother and daughter knows no distance.” It’s beautiful and dainty and the perfect gift. I tear up every time I think about it.

I considered doing a slide show but after doing one for my dad’s memorial service, it just seemed to funeral-y. I did, however, go through pictures and find her first day of kindergarten.

It’s not great quality but it’s from the good old days before digital cameras. At least I didn’t have one yet.

And as I was looking for pictures for the almost-funereal-slideshow, I found family pics over the years and couldn’t help looking at the monkey to see if I could tell where it all went wrong. Was he ever happy in those pictures? Was he always looking for someone else? He looked happy, but was there something about his eyes that should have been a clue? I just don’t know.

At the graduation, I wished we were at a place where we could both take a picture with Sunshine so she’d have a picture with her mom and dad, but he was mad that he had to wait so long for her to come out after the ceremony and he brought his gal, Felony Melanie who would never have allowed it. He also brought his parents who hugged me and said they still love me, which was nice. They rarely come to anything so I was glad they were able to make it across town. Don’t hurt yourself.

But I had the most important people in my life around me that day; and while I did tear up at Pomp and Circumstance, I basically held it together and didn’t get completely sloshed at the party but I did sleep in the next day.

Sunshine with Aunt Sherri and Aunt Tracie
Sunshine and Gma Betty
Sunshine and Gpa
Partying the night away.
not pictured: Sunshine and my BFF Anna

See you in three years at Moonshine’s graduation!


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  1. Mom

    And it was a great party.

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