My very last blog about grudges and grown-up mean girls

A few weeks and/or months ago I said I can’t hold a grudge, and then I did a whole blog about holding a grudge. So then I started thinking about all the people I don’t like and/or wouldn’t give water to if we were in the desert. ONE,…wouldn’t that be funny if I just started listing people off? What if it’s you?

I got a private message from someone the other day asking me who the mom was I was talking about in my blog. She wanted to make sure it wasn’t her, which it wasn’t. But then she told me about the mom from the dance studio she couldn’t stand and wouldn’t you know it, it was the same Sour Puss I had blogged about. Coincidence or not?

And the thing about the way I hold a grudge is, I don’t think about it every day or anything, I just see them at the movie theater and walk on by. No loss to them, no loss to me. There’s not one person I would confront and tell them what a nasty person they were. So just know that I’m not walking around with all that or anything. But remember if you cross me, don’t accept a trip to the desert.

In other news summer is here and for some reason I wasn’t able to ship any kids off to Oklahoma as I have in the past. Apparently they’re able to read the news now and tornadoes don’t sound as fun as they did when they were little.

And actually, Sunshine went back to her job; Moonshine is looking for a job, which is hard to do when you’re only 15 and have a sister who will not pull any strings at her job (I raised wolves) ; and as I’m sure you remember, Tenderheart has this ridiculous contraption in her mouth, just short of having to wear headgear and she has to go to the orthodontist on June 12th. Look for another blog then.

So here they are, stuck in the house, watching me work. I might have to rethink this working at home situation and go in to the office more. OR, the girls without actual jobs at least need to be more attentive to my the dog’s needs and bring me breakfast or something. It’s going to be a LONG summer.

And in other news, Sunshine was voted Most Likely to be Famous in the yearbook and she finally picked a college. We’re going to orientation on June 28th. Expect another blog after that as well. Yay!

Check out my wolves.


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  1. Love the comparison your children/wolves.

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