Mean girls aren’t just in high school

Moonshine and I went to the movie and saw The Great Gatsby. It was darker than I remembered from the Robert Redford movie I’m sure I saw in high school. I don’t remember ever actually reading the book but the movie was very good. When Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) talked about his “humble beginnings” I thought of when he guest starred on Growing Pains as a homeless boy. That was humble.

Listen, I could go on and on about graduation, family visiting, parties, and how proud I am of Sunshine, but I have to get this one out first. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat for what’s coming in the next few weeks.

After the movie we walked out and I saw this woman I used to know from the dance studio my kids used to dance at. I hated her. Now I know hate is a very strong word but this bitch woman constantly went out of her way to make me feel inferior. And of course I know no one can make you feel anything, but it seemed like it was her personal mission to try to make me feel like crap.

And she was one of the “pretty moms” who just breezed in and people seemed to flock to them so as to seem more popular. And yes, I’m talking about grown women, not high school. Her oldest was younger than my oldest so they didn’t dance together, but that didn’t seem to matter since I saw her all the time. She was sour and unapproachable and she’s one of only two women from that time who I would never speak to again, and that’s okay because she really seemed to not like me. What’s not to like??

Once when she was pregnant she said she needed a new car and was looking for ideas. I said, “I really like my minivan.” She said, “I’d kill myself before I drive a minivan.”

She used to live over where I had just bought a house and I said, “I really like the area.” And she said, “We’d still live over there if I didn’t care at all for my safety.”

So just like little digs to make you feel bad. And she had this really annoying laugh that she would do after she put you down as if she was joking. I mean, maybe she didn’t know she was doing it. Maybe she was just a natural mean girl. I don’t know and I don’t care to find out.

She was sitting on a bench as I was walking into the restroom and even an opportunity to remind her of who I was and to brag on Sunshine a bit couldn’t bring me to say anything to her. She looked miserable as always with her sour puss and I just walked right by. And I’m sure it’s just me because I have quite a few FB friends who are her “friend”, but maybe it’s like how everyone wanted to be friends with Regina George because you certainly didn’t want her against you. Believe me.



  1. Gloria Delgado

    That ish was deep yo. I think you are pretty fabulous 😉

    • You’re hilarious. Thanks for never “Mean Girl”ing me, Luscious.

      • gloria

        I would never mean girl you! You r one of my main homegirls, hombre without an ‘h’ please….!

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