Five-year Countdown to a Different Life

Thirteen years ago today, I was 100 months (plus 10 days late) pregnant and getting ready for the most painful birth in the history of childbirth. I’ve told this story before but when Tenderheart was born the first thing the doctor said was, That’s interesting. Wait, what??

What in the world could make a doctor who’s probably seen everything say, That’s interesting?? Well, Tenderheart had a knot in her umbilical cord and I told everyone she’s lucky to be alive because that same thing happened on an episode of ER and John Carter’s baby died, y’all!!!

Anyway, my mom and step dad were determined not to miss a third miracle of childbirth so they came up on my due date and stared at me for 11 days in a two bedroom, no air conditioning, town home. Eleven.Days.

It was miserable. Almost every day my step dad made me be the running end of a kite at the park. There are pictures but it wasn’t pretty. He made me watch A Baby Story marathon to make sure I remembered how to do it and then when I went to bed on May 15, 2000, I went with the assurance that the doctor was inducing the following day and Bam, I went into labor.

It was not my best birth. It was slow and painful and they came in after the birth to give me the epidural. It was awful. Then Sunshine dropped her on the bed when she spit up on her. Sunshine should have been an only child from the get-go in her mind. They say you forget the pain of labor when you feel the joy of having the baby. Not so, my friend, I will never forget that pain.

She was the quietest, the smallest, and is now the snottiest, the most sarcastic and the boniest yet tries to be the cuddliest.

And now I almost have three teenagers in the house. I know I’ve been talking about Sunshine a lot (more on that later), but I do, in fact, have three girls.

So Happy almost Birthday to Tenderheart!!20130515-165018.jpg
Getting a birthday mani/pedi!



  1. I saw that episode. It was awful Glad yours had such a happy ending!

    My third was my worst labor/delivery ever. It was like God saying “Yep, you’re done reproducing yourself!”

  2. Mom

    I remember those eleven days like it was yesterday!!!

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