In which I’m very pleased with myself

I laughed so hard tonight I almost threw up. That Red Robin Yum! would not have been as good coming up as it was going down. It was the kind of laugh where I had tears rolling down my face, I couldn’t even get out what I wanted to say. My stomach hurt and I almost wet my pants and when I finally told Sunshine what I thought was so funny, it really wasn’t. And here it is:

Sunshine: I was so productive tonight. That should be my middle name, Productive.
Me: after 10 minutes of laughing. I’d rather it was that than Reproductive.

Who was so pleased with herself? It was me.

Today the older Shines went to tennis regionals. Sun is the number one singles player even though we all agree she should have been second or third; and Moon is number two doubles, and while she has gotten really good over the season with all our weekend playing, her partner has actually gotten worse. So Moonshine called me after her match crying about how bad they got beat and how bad her partner is and how much she hates her. Sun was not nearly so passionate. She said that she felt like her opponent held back so as not to murder her. Ha!

Poor Moonshine. She really got stuck with a crappy partner with cement shoes and the girl is only a Junior. She was actually mad that they didn’t give her a singles spot but she doesn’t move on a doubles court, how does she think she’ll do when she has to cover the whole court? And now Moonshine has a fire in her belly and wants to practice all summer to try and get a singles spot next year. At least get a better doubles partner.

So after Sunshine sang at the Top 10 Seniors awards tonight (she’s 22nd, which is quite impressive if you ask me.), and after Moonshine got back from her regionals, and after Tenderheart got home from swimming, we went to dinner at Red Robin Yum!.

We never go there because of their million-dollar hamburgers, but I’m through cooking and everyone needed a night out and to drown their sorrows with a milkshake. Yum!


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