What does May snow bring?

Can you believe I’m at the orthodontist again? Tenderheart is finally getting an expander to start fixing that mess she has in her mouth.

Look what May 1st looks like in Colorado.

I would eventually like to use that grill, and that deck is going to be decorated for Sunshine’s graduation party in less than three weeks. And while I’m not necessarily ready for over 100 degree summer, I would like to retire my electric blanket for the year.

I have anxiety, which was pretty detailed in yesterday’s blog and I find that when I’m thinking too far ahead to things we have to do for Sunshine, I have to stop and just get through one week at a time.

20130501-160822.jpgMy datebook is my best friend. At some point I need to stop and just enjoy it and know that the food will be fine and the cake will be ordered and the house will get cleaned and the backyard will also be cleaned. A choir concert on the 7th, an awards banquet, and I can’t forget my game night. Priorities.

But just for today, Tenderheart needs to be at the orthodontist and she just came to the lobby to get me. Just shoot me now. I really just wanted to come hang out and listen to some Eagles while not having anyone ask anything of me and now they have to do a demonstration on how I have to crank this thing open.
Seems comfy to me.
Is it wrong that now that I’m in the back talking to the Orthodontist, I’m wondering if he’s going to make it to the end of her treatment because he’s older than dirt? I mean, very nice but incredibly old. I hope he’s got a plan of bringing in someone younger to take this practice over. We’re in this for like three more years, people.

And here’s a pic of Moonshine who’s learning how to drive. I’ve taught her the most important thing, the drive-thru.



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