Won’t you say you love me too

Blogging from the orthodontist office, which is not like being stranded at the drive-in although that’s going through my head now. Where ya been?

Well, I don’t know. I’ve been working overtime, which is delaying my desperate search for a new job. And searching for a new job is humbling. As I’m filling out my résumé I’m thinking, of course someone is going to want me. But on my third rejection, my confidence is faltering a bit. I’m a catch, damn it.

So here I am at the orthodontist office again using their free wireless and wishing I could hang out here all day. It’s soothing.

Tenderheart wants to hang out all day too.
I’ve been telling Sunshine old stories lately. There’s something so final about her graduating from high school that I didn’t feel when I was on the graduating side of it. She has two more weeks of high school. Two more weeks!! I was telling her about when she was little and would say, “You’re crackin’ me nuts!” It was a combo of you’re cracking me up and you’re driving me nuts. And how when I would say, I love you, she would say, “Love me too.” Because Barney said at the end of his song, Won’t you say you love me too. From that she got, Love me too.

And I’ve been doing graduation announcements. My sister said she had to do her own announcements, but with finals, IB testing, and tennis you’d probably get your announcement two months after graduation and no one would be at the party. Mmmmm, more cake for me! I should rethink this.

Last two weeks of high school and she’s crackin’ me nuts!


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