Red Solo Cup, I Fill You Up, Proceed to Party

Sunshine said there was an honest-to-goodness party after prom that she didn’t go to.

Did someone say party?
Ummmm, thanks for telling me? She said that she and her friends did not go to “Dick’s House to do shots and get high”, but she “could have.” Ummmm, okay?

Party at Dick’s? Yes, please. I was on my way to a party like that when my prom date got arrested so I’m thanking my lucky stars she even told me about it. She’s a better kid than I ever was.

But isn’t that the scariest part of letting your kids out of your sight? The knowing they have opportunities to make bad decisions and just praying you’ve done enough that when they’re put in that situation they make the right ones. We talk a lot about it because I made all kinds of bad decisions.

So I have put together some real-world advice for them. I’ve told them not to drink at a party but also how to drink at a party. I’ve told them not to accept drinks from anyone. I’ve said sip beer, not do shots of hard alcohol although I know they will but don’t mix it. I’m sure Sunshine’s first hangover will cure her of that.

Just tips, drink plenty of water, eat beforehand, make sure you’re out with a friend you trust, etc. Things I wish I would have been told. Carry around a red solo cup and sip beer. It tastes disgusting so pour some out in the bathroom but keep your cup and say, No thanks, I’ve already got some.

Yes, you could argue that kids just shouldn’t be in that situation at all or just say No and all, but let’s talk real world. Maybe your kid will be home all night studying, but I’d like mine prepared just in case. And maybe your kid will be the one who can stand up to that peer pressure, but in a party situation, I’d like mine to have some thoughts about drinking and at least some kind of plan.

I had to be taken to the hospital once for alcohol poisoning, not my finest moment. I had no idea you could drink yourself to death. I wonder if the kids you hear about who die from it knew that could happen. My kids know you can die from drinking too much and much worse can happen as well. I mean obviously not worse than death, but you know what I mean.

And yes, we have a lot of, Don’t put yourself in that position, don’t lose control of your faculties, don’t be that girl who’s so drunk at a party she can’t find her way home. No one likes that chick. Don’t ask me how I know. I woke up one morning fully clothed getting spooned by a stranger. So much worse could have happened but I was touched by an angel, y’all. And thankfully I don’t mean some guy named Angel.


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