The Post where I Do Not Ask for Parenting Advice

I’m giving my boss a code name because I have another story. So, let’s call her Helga. I was talking to Moonshine on the way home from her tennis match and telling her the story of why she would never be allowed to speak to me like Helga’s son did today and she said, Isn’t Helga the one who said you were babying Sunshine and that she needed to do more for herself? Why, yes, yes, she is.

Let me tell you. Sunshine was accepted to the University of Maryland and she had to send a form back and needed her UMD student ID number. She needed to call the school but had play rehearsal every night until 6:30 MST and Maryland is EST so I volunteered to call for her. I had the form on my desk and as I’ve said before, Helga likes to have a weekly one on one with me. I promise you I’m not that interesting.. Anyway, the form was on my desk and she asked me about it so I gave her the full story. She said, Isn’t this something Sunshine should be doing for herself?

First of all, Bitch, you don’t know my life! Second of all, How about you clean your own house before telling me mine’s dirty. Third things third….Tenderheart talks like that and it cracks me up. She gets all worked up about something and says, First thing’s first and second thing’s second and third thing’s third. It’s pretty funny. Anyway, listen, Helga, let’s just agree to not give each other parenting advice. Mmmm’kay?
Just look at that baby!

And that’s not the first time Helga has tried to give me unsolicited advice. When she asked me where Sunshine was applying to college and I told her Albany, she said, Oh she’s not going to like the winters there. You need to tell her she can’t go there. And I’m beginning to think this is a Sudafed-fueled rant so I should just probably get out now.



  1. So you shouldn’t help your child, or get involved in her life, but you should tell her where to go or not go to college? Logic fail, Helga.

    • Very good point. Logical is not one of the words I would use to describe her. 

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