Snoozing at the Orthodontist

My grandpa used to take us to the orthodontist and I would come out and he’d be sleeping in the waiting room. How embarrassing. And it’s not like he brought out a pillow and a blankie, he was discrete, but still.

I’m at the orthodontist with Tenderheart and more than anything I want to close my eyes and snooze a bit. It could have something to do with the Sudafed I took this morning. It said non-drowsy but eight hours later, I can hardly keep my eyes open so I’m blogging. Lucky you.

A long time ago I told you about a boy sniffing around Sunshine. She ended up dating another boy and first boy who I’ll now call Clyde got mad and their friendship really suffered. Well, Clyde went on to find his Bonnie and Sunshine told me the other day that Clyde had a falling out with his family and is now living with Bonnie’s family. Bullet dodged with that guy. Thank God!! I can’t even imagine letting one of my kids’ boyfriends move in. EVER.

I’m going to admit that before I had kids I would look at other parents and think, My kids would never do that. I think everyone does that. And there are still times when I see a parent struggling and while my overwhelming emotion is empathy, I still think, My kid would never do that.

For instance, my boss’s 20 YO son came to our job today to get her key so he could do laundry at her house because something was wrong with his plumbing. He called her cell phone five times to get directions to our office, each time yelling louder and louder at her where I could hear every word he said. She was helping him by letting him do his laundry instead of having to go to a laundromat and he was treating her so badly. Do you want something from me? Number one, don’t talk to me like that. Number two, here’s the address, you find it.

And I’m going to say right now, I don’t have boys so maybe their way of communicating is different, I just can’t imagine letting any of my kids talk to me like that. I’m also going to say, my kids are not angels. They’ve never called names TO MY FACEor said I hate you, but I’m very sensitive to tone. And they always apologize when they’ve snapped or been short with me. That’s why we’re at the orthodontist and they still have all their teeth. I would have had my teeth knocked out if I would have spoken to my mom the way my boss’s son spoke to her.

I asked her if he’ll call later and apologize and she said, No, he doesn’t work like that. And without judging, I thought, How sad. She has two boys and isn’t close with either one until they need something, and then the way they speak to her is just so harsh. Is that just a boy thing?



  1. Heidi

    I hope it’s not just a boy thing, acting like that. I have had trouble with my boys (what parent hasn’t) but I think they know I would do anything for them.

    I wonder what your boss’s husband thinks about how her kids treat her? Or perhaps, like my monkey, speaks to her the same way, and that’s why her boys do.

    Or maybe they have just grown up feeling “entitled” like so many of today’s kids.

    • She’s divorced but I wonder how her ex talked to her. You’re probably right about the entitlement though.

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