Special Saturday Blog on Why I’m not Upper Management

If you read my blog, which you are right now, you know I can sometimes be inappropriate and I have little to no filter.  I do, however, have a filter at work….mostly.  My first boss at my last job told me not to dance on the tables in the breakroom, so I didn’t.  She also told me once that I rolled my eyes three times in a staff meeting, I’m sure I did.  I was 22 when I got that job.  I’d been married for three months, I obviously had a lot to learn….about my husband.

My new boss is weird about me helping other departments even though I share a very dark office with two people from another, although related, department.  One of them might be this guy:


One day my office mate, Jay, was really, really busy.  I felt awful because I wasn’t at all, so I asked him if he wanted some “secret, under the table type help.”  He burst out laughing and then I realized what I’d said and turned all shades of red because we do NOT have that kind of relationship.  Or we didn’t…

My new boss also likes to have a one-on-one with me every single week.  I promise you I’m not that interesting.  So we meet in my office every Friday at 8:30 am.  I’m also not a morning person.  Sometimes she just sits there and we run out of things to say.  Seriously, it’s 8:30 IN.THE.MORNING.  So one day we were just sitting there and I said, “Well, thanks for coming” effectively dismissing her.  Listen, she was never going to leave.

We have about three whiteboards in our office.  I don’t have anything important to write on them, but the other department does.  We play hangman on one section.  My bosses bosses boss put one up for my coworker, Harri, because they like to play “intellectual hangman”.  Whatever, I’m pretty smart too, y’all. 

So it was a six letter word and the clue was “it’s not heaven but it’s close”.  Everyone was standing in my office looking at it and I jokingly said, “Is it Xanadu?”  And my bosses bosses boss said it was.  No one could believe I got it right with no letters and here’s where I should have kept my mouth shut, but I didn’t.  So I said, “Yeah, from the campy Olivia Newton-John movie?”


And my bossess bosses boss said, “No, from the Kubla Kahn poem.” 

Well, sure, that was going to be my second guess.

And while I do manage a group of contractors, I don’t know if I would want to run the company or anything like that because then I feel like I’d have to be way more appropriate than I am now.  OR, I’d run the most fun, most donut filled, and most sexually harassed company in the world.  I wonder if there’s a record for that.


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  1. Oh! Canada

    Kubla Khan wrote poetry?! 🙂

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