Is it like rain on your wedding day?

I’m always a day late and a dollar short, or in this case, almost $300 short as someone in California filled up his/her (and a few other) gas guzzlers at various gas stations around the state.  People suck.  Like really, really suck.

The monkey and I bought our house at the HEIGHT of a seller’s market.  But nobody smart BUYs a house at the top of a SELLER’S market.  Oh, I know.  And so does the bank we had to give it back to after the monkey left.  Actually he gave it back when I miraculously found another place to live and he moved in with his gal Felony Melanie until the bank took it back.

Anyway, a day late and a dollar short.  I can’t figure out how to make enough money with my embroidery, my blog, my YouTube, my job, my other job.  And now, I have to go to my credit union and wait 10 days to get almost $300 back.

Now, I know no one tooling around California with stolen gas cares that I am a single mom whose entire life is a literal money pit, but I just wish once they would feel what it was like standing at the self-check at Sam’s Club trying to buy cat litter, cat food, and milk and having my card decline because some jackass stole all the money that was in there.  And at the Sam’s Club self-check, you can only buy with a debit card or a Discover Card, so that walk of shame leaving my cart was humiliating.  I could have gone to another lane and waited behind 15 people, but  I never have any cash or my checkbook and Sam’s doesn’t take the other variety of credit cards that have just enough for cat litter, cat food, and two milks.

Just tonight, Sunshine was talking about how we as humans have the ability to hurt other people and most of us just don’t.  We have the ability to just run red lights but we’re raised with a sense of morality and legality that stops (most of) us from doing it.  She was feeling very philosophical, maybe it’s going around.  But now I’m just feeling mad and sad about humanity and decency, and who are these people?  There’s an actual person on the other side of that number you’re using to steal gas who works hard and still struggles and it would be like stealing it directly out of my hand.  That was the water bill and the electric bill and cable/internet.

And listen, if this story sounds familiar, you are a follower because last year someone tried to buy two train tickets in Paris and only one of them went through.  And while I was thankful for my very small overdraft protection, it would have been nice for the bank to see that there was no way I was at Chick-fil-A one night and Paris the next.  A quick look at my bank history will tell you I’m not nearly that exciting.

And I’ve always said….in fact, I just said it Sunday night while getting my mullet cut off that the person who steals my identity will be very disappointed with my terrible credit and lack of funds in any of my one account.  Then when I tried to use my debit card it didn’t work because Visa had already shut it down.  Is that irony?  I’ll have to ask Alanis Morissette.



  1. Gma

    Get rid of your Debit card!!! They are not safe!!!!!

  2. I really feel like I’m listening to the story of my life …almost creepy!! Listen, I just got involved in this direct sales biz with my daughter to earn extra money and spend additional time with her. The first month was slow and I thought “great, another effort and good intention down the tubes”. However , things are picking up and I’m starting to really see the benefits if why I got into this, both for family and money. There is a starter kit to purchase, but I’m working with anyone who is truly interested so they don’t have to out the money out themselves. My daughter and I are also trying to start a team of mother/daughter reps and gather up one team from each state. I have big hopes not only that this will help us financially but for it to be an inspirational and motivational way I paying it forward a bit. If this sounds like something you might want to entertain email me at I promise, I’m not pushy, or a scammer, been scammed and mislead too many times and know how disappointing and frustrating that is. I really just feel your pain and would live to find a way for us misfits to band together and climb out of that spiraling stairway to hell we seem to be on….hope to hear from you!!

  3. Wow, I really shouldn’t comment from my phone, the typos are horrible…the email is actually

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