I know you are, but what am I. Or something like that

I’m blogging at Moonshine’s first volleyball practice. She’s played forever and her 8th grade team won City but she got strep during high school tryouts so she’s been on the city rec league. Then she broke her foot last fall so had to quit volleyball halfway through the season. So she’s back tonight and looks like she’s loving it. She’s also playing tennis for the high school.

I’ve been the mom that over schedules her kids when Sunshine was younger and in competitive dance NOT Dance Moms style because I’ve always heard that kids who are involved are less likely to take to the streets. And coming from someone looking for trouble on the mean streets of Del City, I knew I didn’t want that for them. And if anyone needs to be involved and off the streets, it’s Moonshine. And really, I just want my kids to have every opportunity they can, there’s nothing wrong with that. So I don’t necessarily over schedule my kids now, it just turned out that the rec league started the same time tennis did.

If you’ve read my last couple of blogs, you’ve seen just how much fun my house has been. But I’ve been hypersensitive to some things they’ve been saying about themselves. I’m the worst at this. I’ll do something dumb and say, What an idiot! Well, you are what you say you are.

Moonshine said something the other day like, I’m not a good test taker. Well, you are what you say you are.
I’m never going to get a spot on the tennis team. Well, you’re going to get what you think you’re going to get.

I’m trying really hard to get them to realize the power of positive thinking. And I’m not talking The Secret, I’m just talking about the voice in your head being more positive. I’m also not talking, I’ll never be an astronaut. You’re right, you won’t be. I mean let’s be realistic but we can also be prepared.

What I am talking about is:
I’m shy. — I’m sure you are.
I’m not a people person. — is anyone?
I’m a terrible test taker. — have you studied enough, are you prepared?
I’m never going to make friends. — have you tried starting a conversation with someone? See above where I’m shy.

Well, you are what you say you are. This is directly related to yesterday’s blog where I call Tenderheart “my little one” or “my baby”. I take away all expectation that she can do anything for herself.

I’m taking my chances telling this story but I’m just going to assume that anyone who knows Sunshine knows that the reason I don’t let my kids read my blog is because I like to have the freedom to say what I like. I also assume no one reads this garbage. So here we go.

Sunshine was having a hard time with the musical and was actually being disrespectful to the new theatre teacher. She was just generally having a bad time, however, I did not raise my kids to be disrespectful to anyone especially to someone in that position. I tried to tell her that her experience is what she makes of it and while I understand she’s having a tough time, she ultimately controls it. She controls how much she lets that teacher get to her and she controls the attitude she has. And let’s face it, she has two and a half more months in that place before she moves on and she’s going to deal with difficult people everywhere.

But on a more personal level, it’s breaking my heart. Theatre used to be her favorite subject, she even wants to double major in college, but now she’s talking about dropping the class. I know realistically, no amount of good attitude is going to get her through this, but it couldn’t be any worse than it is now.

And here’s someone who ALWAYS has an awesome attitude.
She loves me no matter what and she NEVER talks back!



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  1. Dogs just get it. And no matter what their attitude is one of joy seeing their beloved human pack members. I swear there are times when my one dog, who is my shadow all day every day to the point where I want to scream sometimes…greats me like I’ve been away fro months when I’ve just been in the bathroom for a few minutes.

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