A bonus Saturday blog for no one in particular

I don’t usually post on Saturdays but after an amazing day and evening ending crappily, I have to get it out. I had an amazing Friday, even sans donuts. Apparently our donut gal moved and doesn’t pass this amazing donut place anymore so no more donuts for our office. And is it donuts or doughnuts? Doesn’t matter.  Anyway, after 11.5 hours of sleep, 1.5 of those freezing because my electric blanket thinks I shouldn’t be in bed for more than 10 hours, I had to get up and blog.

Friday was apparently Employee Appreciation day at my work and they brought in breakfast burritos and bagels.  I had a bite of a breakfast burrito, which was NOT mild as promised and my mouth was on fire!  Then my boss took me and my coworker to lunch at Red Robin Yum! for “million-dollar hamburgers” as the monkey used to call them.  And they were deee-lightful.  I was swamped with work so the day flew by.

Friday night was Volunteer Appreciation night at church.  The girls and I work in the toddler room one Saturday night a month so I can get my baby fix and the girls can see how hard it is to keep track of toddlers even for just an hour and 10 minutes a month.  I’m doing a pretty good job of making parenting look like a nightmare though because all three of them have said they don’t want kids.  Success!!  And I hope they do have kids so I can spoil some grand-kids (eventually), but I want them to be in a secure relationship and not rush it because that never works.  Don’t ask me how I know.

Anyway, back to me.  They were appreciating the volunteers with about 45 minutes of appetizers and mingling (AAAGH!), I’m only good at one of those things.  And then they put on a show and had a raffle.  I don’t know who I needed to pray to in order to win one of those cool prizes, but it didn’t work for me and I came away an appreciated loser.  However, the mingling was good because I took my cousin Cindi, who thinks I have an unnatural relationship with my electric blanket and doesn’t have a code name,  with me for the mingling because she volunteers too.  The appetizers I could have done on my own.

I picked up Moonshine who was babysitting the cutest twins ever and we went home to see Sunshine, who was not living up to her name.  She had a long day of school and rehearsal, but had over two hours to decompress before I came in with a couple of questions.  And I know she’s probably from Mars and I’m from Venus or some crap like that, but after six in a row one-syllable answers, I took my leave and went to bed.  Because as appreciated as I felt on Friday, guess who also had a long week?  It was me.

And it was in that moment that I realized what Friday wasn’t.  It was not Parent Appreciation day and/or night.  It was, “I’m an angsty teen in the suburbs that refuses to have a conversation with a parental” day and night.  I know it’s wordy, I’ll work on it.



  1. We had a grouchy, moody, surly teenage dinner last night too. Took about 10 minutes of working on him to get him past that to actually talk for the remainder of the 15 minutes it took him to stuff his face. Then he disappeared back into the “man in training” cave we call his room. It must be a full moon, or something in the water, right?

    • Maybe it was!! Thanks for the comment. I won’t say I’m glad I’m not alone because your house was like that too, but I am glad I’m not alone!

  2. Gma

    All I can say is, you got two out of three! Enjoy the blanket!! It doesn’t talk back, it isn’t snotty, it soothes you,,, 🙂

  3. carikelley

    Sometimes I get the whiplash from the ever changing mood swings. From “what can I do to help?” to “what do you want?” is .0045 seconds… I feel your pain. Just remember, it’s not you..it’s her. EVERY time.

  4. This is so great, I love hearing that I’m not the only one raising a “Sybil”. Sometimes I wonder when her head is going to start spinning and the pea soup will propel at me? I recently started a little side biz with the Queen, as I call her. It’s helping a bit with bringing her back to reality of all I do, responsibility and managing money that she apparently thought I printed when I needed it, up until now. We’ll see how it plays out I suppose, for now it’s curbing the daily see saw personality I was dealing with, she seems to only go in that ride now once a week or so. Ps- I not only missed parent appreciation day, but my lousy bosses didn’t show any appreciation either Friday.

    • The first time my oldest went to the grocery store for me she said she was going to get those cashews I never let them get but, “Man, are they expensive”, she said. Ha! Yeah, so is everything!

      That’s great about your business. Before Sunshine got her job she was planning to spend every paycheck at Target, but she hasn’t because she knows how hard that was to make. Welcome to my world, Sunshine!

      • Gotta love it when you see that spark of realization in their eyes!! The disappointment that soon follows makes me feel bad sometimes, but the dose of reality is worth it.

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