I’d rather be a friendless loser than have friends who hate me. Maybe.

Through another friend’s blog, someone from high school found me. It’s not like
I was in the witness protection program or was I?, I’m just not lifelong BFFs with anyone from high school as my yearbook promised. However, through the magic of Facebook, I have managed to see what some of my former classmates are doing. Mostly it’s been secretly stalking because I don’t have my maiden name on there so even if they wanted to, which who would, they couldn’t really find me.

Anyway, long story long, she read almost five years of blogs in like three days and a stalker fan was born. In fact, I just asked her if she wanted a code name and she said something incredibly offensive so I’m not going to use that.

So my new old friend who I will call Oh! Canada until I can think of something non-offensive sent me this picture:
Seriously, does this chick know me or what?

Do you know how many “lasts” we’re having to celebrate with Sunshine? Her last physical, her last jazz night, her last tennis season, her last musical (in high school). It is, in fact, her last year of high school, and I think I’m managing quite well. I just think it’s funny (funny peculiar, not funny ha ha) that you spend so much time keeping track of firsts and you’re also hyper aware of all the lasts before high school is over. Everyone said this and I never believed them, but it goes really fast. You don’t think that when you’re in the middle of it, but at the end, it’s really flown.

However, all I can think of right now in this sauna that is Tenderheart’s swim practice is her hyper vigilance. My children are cursed with an overwhelmingly strong sense of right and wrong, well, two out of three of them are, maybe 2.5, one of them’s coming around.

For instance, I know Tenderheart’s night is going to be completely ruined because the little boy swimming next to her didn’t do the full 200 medley they were supposed to do. There are 15 swimmers and one coach so they’re on the honor system. And somehow between getting her strokes right and not drowning, she manages to have time to keep track of what everyone else is doing. Yeah, she’s that kid.

She also asked me last night why I don’t date anymore and I said, I don’t date any less. Then when I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years, same kid said she didn’t think I had more than one friend. You mean in my life??? She said my friend, Anna, is our family leaving Heather (holla!) as my one and only friend for my entire life. Doesn’t matter that I met her seven years ago. Maybe Tenderheart doesn’t think anything exciting happened in my life before she was born. But I had a whole coolish life before I had kids. I mean, yes, I married way too young, and made a ton of bad decisions all leading me to this fabulous sauna giving thumbs-ups to my youngest. Good Lord, what’s happened to my life?!?!?



  1. Oh! Canada

    1. It was an offensive TYPO! Maybe.
    2. My kids were amazed to know I had actual boyfriends before their father came along AND that I leave my house when they spend weekends with their Dad. The shock on their faces when they realized I had a life outside of them was priceless.
    3. We are officially friends now. YOUGAVEMEACODENAME!

  2. Gma

    You can only take in as much as you can X3, because it does go fast. And you are recording it, that will help when after many years the memories begin to fade. You are

  3. carikelley

    Is it b/c we are family first that I don’t have a code name? or I don’t need one because I don’t come up in blogger talk much? Maybe I’ll text you more often and something cool will happen so you can tell a story about me on your blog! That’s my new goal. “Aim high”, I always say!

    • Maybe because you’re on my sidebar with your own blog. And I would love more texts and stories. Like how about a LifeChurch plant in Denver??

  4. MB

    Wait. Do I have a code name? I have known you for a REALLY long time. Plus, the stalking is mutual.

    • Here we go, a stampede of reader looking for their own code name. I’ve opened up a can of worm with this and I directly blame Oh! Canada. You can pick your own, just don’t make it offensive like she tried to. I’d give you that one, but Lord, was it bad!

      And I try to just allude to you as to not scare you off.

  5. Oh! Canada

    MB youhaveablog?! Link me, kind sir!! 🙂

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