If Video Killed the Radio Star, what did Reality TV do?

Something woke me up in the middle of the night.  Okay, it was a notification that someone was reading and liking my blog RIGHT NOW!!  How exciting!  Not only that, but they were commenting, which hardly ever happens so I had to read that right away.  Then I started thinking about my blog and reality TV, because I think about it more than I should, and then I couldn’t stop thinking about anything so I got up to blog.

I’ve lost most of it in my walk from my room to the office, but I saw a commercial tonight while watching Teen Mom 2……I would tell you not to judge, but if you started a sentence like that, I would be judging you.  Anyway, the commercial was for Real World 372 Portland.  I was thinking about the most real a reality TV show ever was and I think it was Real World New York, the first one.  A better blogger would do some research and see when that was first aired, but as I’m wont to say, you get what you pay for.

Remember when MTV played music? My sister and I got up and watched it that very first morning to see “Video Killed the Radio Star”. I’d tell you how old I was, but again, I’m not doing any kind of research since it’s almost time to actually get up.

I think everything after Real World 1 is as far away from reality as you can get because people figured out how to play the game, how to get more attention.  If possible, Real World 1 was authentic, real if you will.  I feel the same way about Survivor, although that Richard Hatch walking around naked was probably pretty authentic.  Damn it, I had a really good point about reality TV.  Maybe I shouldn’t blog at night, but can you imagine how boring my reality show would be?

And does anyone else think Dr. Drew is a hack?  I think Loveline was after my time, I may have watched more Dr. Ruth than Dr. Drew.  But for me, after he started on this Teen Mom trend, he completely lost all credibility.   And don’t even get me started on those chicks.  I literally just typed out a sentence about one of them, but if you do get me started, I’ll never get to my point about Dr. Drew.  And it’s the middle of the night so my thoughts are fleeting.

I love Adam Carolla.  I just googled to make sure I was spelling his name right, and I’m sure you don’t need a play-by-play, but I thought how funny it would be if I said I love Adam Corallo and had his name spelled wrong.  Okay, I remember now why I don’t blog in the middle of the night.  Anyway, I don’t agree with everything Adam Carolla says, but I find him very entertaining.  And I’ve been listening for years because he …. I was going to go into a long and boring story about how I found him, but who cares?  Let’s just say there were some DJs from Denver who moved to LA and were replaced by Adam Carolla and I found him entertaining.  I’m already bored with the story and it’s my story.

I’m so much of a fan that I bought his movie, The Hammer, and haven’t even watched it yet.  I should really get on that.  The point to this whole thing, which isn’t turning out to be about reality TV is that Adam Carolla got fired from the radio station and started podcasting.  Well, I don’t live in LA so I was mainly listening to his podcast anyway.  Then he got a whole network of people doing podcasts, including Dr. Drew.  Bam, there it is!!  Unlike this entire blog, he’s incredibly smart; and unlike me, actually a doctor.  Adam said once that the difference between Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil is that Dr. Drew still makes rounds at a hospital.  Wouldn’t that be wild if your doctor was Dr. Drew?  I’d immediately think it was some sort of intervention for my pregnant teen, but thankfully, I don’t have a drug addiction or a pregnant teen.  *knock wood*

Back to my point, Dr. Drew is really smart.  He has a podcast by himself and one with Adam and while I find that one more entertaining, the podcast he does by himself or with other doctor friends is incredibly informative.  I actually feel bad that I’d always dismissed his credibility when seeing his name on a project because I just assumed he was a hack who was sensationalizing teen pregnancies and celebrity addictions; and while I think that’s what ends up happening, I think he’s really trying to do it for good.

And if this ending looks disjointed, it’s because I have no conclusion.  Maybe I should just leave the blogging in my head because they’re always a million times better in there.  But please, look up Dr. Drew’s podcasts because I promise they’ll change your opinion….you know, if you had one.


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  1. It totally cracks me up when we are mentally ranting the same topic… Sans the Carolla lovefest and Drew bashing/bringing around to praise…. I was blogging in my head JUST YESTERDAYabout reality tv. No midnight epiphany moment, but I even had the MTV tie in with Real World NewYork…where you could watch what happened when people stopped being nice…and got real.
    No point. Just amusement.

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