If you don’t have anything interesting to read, you’re in the right place

I’m the worst when it comes to getting my license plates renewed.

Look, it's my car!!

Look, it’s my car!!

I know it’s simple and it’s just the waiting, oh, and the money, but I’m the worst about remembering and then doing, and now I have two cars to take care of and it’s just too much.  So just know that Wednesday morning, I will be sitting first at the emissions place and then at the DMV so I might just throw out some random blogs about the interesting people I see.

Sunshine’s tag expired in December and she got a ticket last weekend.  It was her first ticket and she was freaking out.  Then I was freaking out because she had a car full of teenagers and let’s just say I’m not completely set on the rules on when she can have a car full of teenagers.  Oh, and it was after 11:00 because she was on her way home from an a capella convention.  Again, I’m the worst.

Once my tag had been expired for a year and a half and I finally got pulled over so this time it just expired last November.  Here’s what needs to happen, and I’m sure you’re just riveted by this post, I need to get these tags due around the time I get my taxes back or at the very least, not around the end of the year or Christmas.  I figure if I wait long enough I can get my tags to expire in June or so and ask for a gift certificate to the DMV for my day o’ birth.  I’m really painting quite the picture, huh?

Sunshine also went on a bus trip to a liberal arts college in Nebraska that had given her a theatre scholarship and she was thinking about attending.  It only took one overnight bus trip to realize that was not for her and the town was so small there wasn’t even a Wal-mart.  Her words, not mine.  I’ve always thought she’d do well at a small college, but apparently I didn’t take into account her need for a Wal-mart.  She also said it was a party school and very sporty.  This should all be in quotes because I’m not sure what she meant by “sporty”, but all I can imagine is a bunch of corn-fed Nebraska boys in tennis shoes.  And I’m sure the sponsors would be thrilled to know that the student Sunshine stayed with told her it was such a party school because there was nothing else to do.  All in all, she got an overnight trip to Nebraska for $20, some free bowling, pizza, and a night in a dorm with a communal bathroom, all leading to her decision not to attend that college.  So, yay!

So with Tenderheart spending her long weekend with the monkey and then a birthday party and Sunshine at an a capella convention and then Nebraska, that gave me a ton of alone-time with Moonshine.  I do enjoy my Moonshine.  moonshine2We worked out, we played tennis, we watched movies, she’s really a lot of fun when it’s just the two of us.

So that’s it for me, but look for my posts about the DMV, they’re going to have you on the edge of your seat.  Where’s my damn sarcasm font??


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