Almost Famous

I was quoted once in the New York Times.  It was October 1997 and Wayne Gretzky’s wife had been hit in the face with a hockey puck during a hockey game/match/meet.  My sister and I were outside Madison Square Garden the following day and a reporter asked us if we thought Wayne Gretzky should have left the game to go to the hospital with his wife.  I don’t remember my exact quote, but I said the word “Duh” to the New York Times.  DUH!!  What’s wrong with me?  I sounded like some hick from Hicksville.

I like to read blogs.  I like to wish I was as exciting as some of the blogs I read.  One of the blogs I read is Bye Bye Pie and she asked for pictures of her readers so she could put them in her blog.  I have to be honest, if I were to ask for pictures of my readers, it would be mostly a family portrait consisting of my mom and sister.  Oh, and my other reader, right here:


But here’s my picture on Bye Bye Pie because when she asked for pictures of her readers, I sent one in.  I also sent an adorable one of my pets, but that one didn’t make it in. Of course, she had too many to even put in her posts so I don’t begrudge her disregarding my pet portrait.

In closing, I don’t have dreams of being famous. I have dreams of making more money and doing less work, but I’d also like to eat more and work out less and still lose weight, but that ain’t happening either over here in Fantasyland.



  1. Gma

    You got that right, unfortunately!!!

  2. Shell

    That sweatshirt is FAMOUS! (And fabulous. Because I’m biased. It’s what I do: bias.)

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