Where’s all the Decency?

I have concerns for future generations.  I have concerns for the state of public schools, people’s integrity, and just plain decency.

I got a ticket from the City on Friday for my trash cans.  I have my trash cans and recycling on the side of my house kind of towards the front, but apparently there’s an ordinance in our city that trash cans need to be behind a fence and out of sight of the street.  #First WorldProblems

Okay, first of all, a neighbor called the City and reported me, hence the ticket.  Second, I had no idea that was a rule.  And listen, I work from home three days a week so I’m here almost all the time and I was even here Friday when I got the ticket.  I didn’t know I got the ticket though because the person from the City just taped it to my door and didn’t knock or anything. 

Here’s what I wish would have happened…..here’s what I think is the DECENT thing: 

From anonymous neighbor/City ticket giver:  *knock, knock* Hey, Christyd4, did you know there’s an ordinance in this city that you must have your trash cans and recycling in the backyard?

Me:  Really?  I had no idea!  I need to move mine before I get a ticket.  Thanks so much for letting me know.

Look how easy that was.  Decency, courtesy, neighborliness (?), helpfulness.  All things that were not in play last week.

Tenderheart is in the 7th grade.  Last Friday some girl stole her cell phone.  Now, of course, Tenderheart was completely at fault because she put her cell phone on top of her coat on the playground and went to play basketball.  In a perfect world where there’s decency and integrity, the girl who took her cell phone would walk it to her 10 feet away on the basketball court and make sure someone else didn’t take it.  What this little girl did was put it in her pocket. 

One of Tenderheart’s friends saw that the original girl had it and got it back for her but that was after Tenderheart called me bawling.  Tenderheart confronted the girl, where she proceeded to laugh at her and say she was just kidding.  Just kidding?  WTF, Where’s The Funny?  I told Tenderheart that she needs to go to the office, but she doesn’t want to start drama.  I don’t want her to be a doormat, I actually want her to stop being a doormat because she tends to let people walk all over her without standing up for herself. 

So, listen, everyone, let’s go to Sam’s Club and pick up a huge pack of decency with a side of courtesy and remember that we’re all on this planet together.



  1. Gma

    I would fight the ticket, and you would think we could be neighborly, but its a sad world when someone has nothing else to do but monitor you trash!

  2. Wow, I have a daughter in the 7th grade who had her phone stolen last week as well. Only the child who stole it went into her locker and took it. We have a tracking device on the phone and located it but because it was taken off school property they advised me to report it to the police. We did so and I was shocked to find out that they went to the house I had advised the tracker pointed to, located the boy who took it and ARRESTED him!! We didn’t press charges, as though I think this was a crap move, charges is a bit extreme for a 13 yr old. What bothered me though was that the school did end up suspending him, yet the only thing my daughter really wanted, an apology, she never received. I really thought that even if the parents didn’t have the decency to make him apologize or contact us to do so on his behalf, that the school, with all their talk about being kind and considerate to one another would have had him do so. Very disappointing, especially since he hacked the phone and wiped it clean of all her contacts, photo’s (some of my deceased mother), and apps. It was a true violation, and a simple apology seemed to be what everyone missed in this situation…..sad state of affairs I tell ya!!

    • I don’t know how I feel about him being arrested. On one hand, he needs to learn a lesson, but on the other one, it is a harsh punishment. Although now I’m thinking I’d want the book thrown at him. I don’t think kids learn enough lessons now, I dont’ know, it’s tough. And the fact that you never got an apology is appalling. Once the girl realized she could be in big trouble after initially laughing at my daughter, she apologized profusely. And your poor daughter has to see him at school all the time. Ugh, my heart goes out to you both. And thanks for the comment. I would thank the person above you, but it’s my mom.

      • Hahaha, family sometimes are our biggest supporters. I miss my mom, but she wouldn’t know her way around a blog to make a comment if she were still with me. As for the phone incident, unfortunate for sure, but as I told my daughter, at least you have it back, holding on to anger and perpetuating is t going to change what happened. Hopefully he learned his lesson, and if not good luck to his parents the next time the cops knock on their door.

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