Is there a cure for VD and Vampirism?

It’s Valentine’s night and I have more complaints about people taking toddlers to the movie. SHOCKING, I know! Moonshine and I went to see Beautiful Creatures and I really liked it. Now, if you read the book recently, you might not like it as much as I did. But I read the book a while ago and didn’t remember a lot of the details so I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Just a quick note: it was my first time at the Century since it reopened after the shooting last July and I found myself a little anxious when we got into the actual theater. If I wasn’t on my iPad I’d link to my post from a couple of weeks ago, but go read a little. I’m just saying that I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be able to watch a violent movie there. No Good Day to Die Hard for me, thanks.

Anywho, I was thinking of Valentine’s Days gone by and remembered our first one after the monkey moved out and I took the girls to Red Robin for million-dollar hamburgers and then to a movie. The server at Red Robin said, Where are all the boys in your family? why would she ask that? And one of my girls said, We don’t have any boys in our family anymore. Looking at my daughter’s sad eyes, I think that probably stopped her from ever asking that again. *fingers crossed*

Then I was thinking about the VD in 2000 when I was pregnant with Tenderheart. The monkey never took me anywhere but I told him I wanted to go to Outback for dinner. We took Sunshine and Moonshine and got there early. I was having such a good time I almost ignored the fact that Moonshine threw up on me right after we ordered. Lets get that to go, huh?

Another VD and the monkey was supposed to make us dinner and he was late getting home from work. I called his work and they told me he’d left early that day, then 5 seconds later his cousin, who he worked with called me back to tell me he’d just left. Lying runs deep and wide in that family.

It’s just another day, a made-up Hallmark holiday and I’m not one that’s begging for a Valentine, but tonight was a pretty good night. Moonshine and I in one movie, Tenderheart and her friend Minnie in another one, and Sunshine and her friend Mariska at a later movie because rehearsal was late. Then all back together for ice cream cake and The Vampire Diaries. A little TVD on VD. What more could you possibly need?

Team Damon.



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