It was not a happy hour

Do you ever talk to someone hoping to come out of it feeling one way but it doesn’t turn out that way?

I know this is a problem with me but I have different people I talk to based on what I’d like to hear. I probably talk too much.

On Saturday I went to Sonic and got the most perfect Diet Coke you’ve ever seen. It was a route 44 with easy ice and I was going to enjoy it the whole day. Yes, I know no one needs that much Diet Coke but we can debate need at another time.

I got home from happy hour excited to hang out and watch Groundhog Day with the girls and as I walked up the stairs, I dropped that Diet Coke and it exploded. Down every single stair. STAIRS!! I burst out crying but no tears would come. Was God telling me I don’t need that much Diet Coke? And how exactly am I supposed to get those stairs clean?

Maybe God was trying to tell me to stay out of tattoo parlors or not to pierce my children.

I spend a lot of time wondering what God is trying to tell me.

Moonshine did have me dye her hair back to brown so no more red in her hair but now she has a tiny hoop in her nose. After hanging out at the piercing place, I realize this is very mild compared to the nose barbells or gauges that seem to be going around.

And now I’m just hanging out at work because my work computer got the HIV and I’m praying it’s not from blogging. Is God telling me to stop blogging??


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