My Weekend was a Lose/Lose

This weekend I lost a cat and my iPad and ended up crying Sunday night about all my misfortune. It’s a miracle I was able to go to work on Monday. I should still be crying.

Someone once said my house is where “pets go to die”. It wasn’t very nice, but maybe accurate. First, our cocker spaniel Spirit drowned in our pool. Second, JoJo the cat was a wanderer and wandered off. Max, our other cocker had bad ears and a mean temperament. Callie the calico had a urinary tract infection and was too sick. And poor Angel died of obesity-related diabetes. Actually, I don’t know why she died but it was Thanksgiving morning 2011 and she was a fatty.


So I guess that “someone” had a point now that I write it out like that. Maybe I shouldn’t have pets.

We got Buffy the mouse slayer almost two years ago.


It was shortly after Moonshine gave up her birthday party and we adopted Molly.


Molly is a border collie/lab and the best dog we’ve ever had, besides Angel, but back to Buffy. Sunshine’s friend’s cat had kittens and we wanted a female so we got Buffy who was seven weeks old. A few months after we got her, she started howling to go outside. I didn’t want an outside cat because we’d already had JoJo the wanderer and no one likes an outdoor cat roaming the neighborhood. However, I also don’t enjoy a howling cat.

Then I started noticing balls hanging down, but girls don’t normally have balls. I made an appointment with a low-cost vaccination place to have Buffy spayed and/or neutered. The vet said it happens more often than you’d think. Turns out, Buffy should have been Buford and we had a boy cat that liked to stay out all night catting around.


And I hate it. But I also relate to the free spirit that can just go roam around forever with no responsibilities. This last Friday night, Buford went out like normal, but didn’t come back in the morning per usual. Then Saturday night, no one was quite sure when we’d seen him last. But by Sunday we were full-out worried. He never stays gone that long so I immediately thought coyote bait, but I’m a fatalist. Usually I can go to the front door and holler, BOOF! and he comes running, but not this time. What I tried to say though was that I was sure another family found him and is taking care of him. There were tears. Sunshine and Moonshine drove around the neighborhood shaking the food bag and calling him, nothing. Where could he be?

I was terrified that he’d come home and be hurt, I don’t do well with injured pets. This is absolutely the worst part of owning a pet. WORST.PART. So Sunday night some of us are in the front of the house and the rest are on the deck in the back calling him, and again, nothing. Monday morning, you get the point, Buford’s gone. I had to work in the office, but all I could think about was what would happen if Buford came home and no one was there.

After work I picked up Moonshine from school, came home and still no Buford. So, long story long, I’m almost resigned that he’s just gone when Moonshine goes to the back door and screams, “BUFFY’s HOME!!” Oh, thank God. And no more going out, Buford, you’re grounded until we can get a tracker in you and a collar.

THEN, this Sunday Tenderheart had a swim meet and I left my iPad on the bleachers. I would never have been able to buy myself an iPad. I got it as a gift from my mom and sister for my 40th birthday, making it almost worth turning 40. But it’s not something I could ever replace. However, I must have been touched by an angel because the swim coach found it and brought it to swim practice Monday. My sister left her phone in the bathroom at Whole Foods, two minutes later went back to get it and it was already gone and turned off so she couldn’t track it. I leave my iPad at the high school after a swim meet and SOMEHOW the right people found it.

I’m not used to so much going right so now I’m a little cautious that something’s going to go wrong, it’s just how my brain works. I think I’ll just get in the middle of a Molly/Bella sandwich and life will be all good.

Molly and Bella

And here’s what Sunshines’ going to be doing with Buford until the end of time, or until she goes to college.



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  1. Gma

    Oh Honey, you have had some emotions going on. Glad Buffy is back, and hang on to your stuff!!

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