Where I have only questions and no answers

One of my Facebook friends posted, It’s 2013, why are there still calories in food?

Which got me thinking of other things that should be more advanced than they are.

Did you know according to Back to the Future 2, we are 2.5 short years away from flying cars?

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember thinking I would have a flying car. But right now I’d like to know why there’s not a more automated way to do the laundry. Why can’t we have a combo washer/dryer/folder? Why am I still talking about laundry? Why have all my blogs involving Sunshine been about how stressed she is? And why did I forget to do a 2012 recap?

Well, one of those things I can fix. Did you know my cousin Cindi said I’m like an 80-year-old woman and that not everyone would like a nap every day. Really? You wouldn’t nap every day if you could? I’d like to think I’m more like a toddler than an 80-year-old but I really do enjoy a good nap. And I’m a night owl.

I’ve looked longer than I should for this quote from one of those stupid ecards that invade Facebook, but I can’t find it. The quote is: “I say I have insomnia, but what I really have is a good book and lack of respect for tomorrow.” It was cuter with the card, but describes my life. And really, my insomnia comes from naps. Good grief, I love a good nap. I’m thinking of napping right now. Does that make me an 80-year-old woman? Maybe. Tenderheart literally just said she’s going to go take a nap. Hello, apple, it’s the tree, don’t fall far.

So this is not turning out to be my 2012 recap but you have something to look forward to, or not.

Between naps, Tenderheart played middle school volleyball this year and the season just ended with second place in the city tournament. If you’ve never had a child in middle school sports, it’s a completely different animal. I’ve never been involved in something so competitive and I’m talking about the parents, not the kids. I talked briefly about it HERE and I would say more about it, but I’m saving my real complaining for the end of sport survey.

And lastly, I haven’t shared any pics of my animals lately. I take a zillion of them but since I’ve been missing Photo Phridays, you haven’t seen all the adorableness going on in my house. Unless you’re my Facebook friend and you’re sick of it.

But how could you be sick of all this cuteness?



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