Age is Not Just a Number

I hate when these kids make me be the bad guy, you know, the parent. I’m not one of those parents that is a friend first, but I really would just like everyone to do what I ask so I don’t have to bring down the hammer.

I had a whole blog going for Monkey Bashing Thursday, but I just don’t have it in me.   For my new reader, the monkey is my ex as in, monkeys could do a better job parenting children.  I literally wrote it out and deleted it.  Because when I write out these ridiculous stories about that guy, I think people are going to think, Why does she let them go over there?  And I already think that enough.  And when I say “them”, I really only mean Tenderheart because she’s the last one that goes and it’s only two weekends a month.  And it’s probably only one more year.  Around 13 is when they realize his true colors and stop going over.

Moonshine, Sunshine, and Tenderheart in matching Christmas Jammies

Moonshine, Sunshine, and Tenderheart in matching Christmas Jammies

Anyway, the short story is Tenderheart, the 12-year-old, went over there and I had to tell him she couldn’t watch rated R movies.  I said it very nicely and didn’t yell or tell him what a bad dad he is, and he turned around and told Tenderheart I yelled at him about letting her watch movies with him.  One, he watches football, she watches rated R movies; and two, I honestly did it as nice as I could.  He said, She picks her own movies; and I said, She’s 12. 

In other news, Moonshine and I started a work out regimen last week and I think I’m going to die.  Literally.



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