Caring Too Much Again

I try not to talk very much about famous or infamous people especially of the reality variety because I figure they get enough attention from others and I’m not going to contribute to the traffic.  Also, very rarely do I read anything that has the words Fox and News in them, but my friend DebJTP posted a link to an article from FoxSports about Lance Armstrong on my Facebook and I wanted to repost it here.  I have done exactly zero fact checking but it was a really interesting take on why Lance Armstrong came “clean”.  Lance Armstrong Article

I would like to say I’ve been completely unaffected by this whole Lance Armstrong thing, but like a lot of the world I am disappointed.  I tend to believe people when they tell me something.  It’s one of my worst qualities because I also tend to be lied to a lot…that might have just been my marriage.  And it’s not like I believed everything in my marriage, I just couldn’t prove anything.  And I mean, not like I’m some sort of doormat, but if you tell me something I’m probably going to believe you.

I just don’t like to be manipulated.  And I don’t like cheaters.  And I don’t like vegetables.  And I don’t like people.  The list is endless.  And I’m not even necessarily of the belief that “celebrities” should be role models.  However, when you are getting millions and millions from sponsors and suing newspapers for slander and/or libel (I never remember which is the right one) and they were telling the truth the whole time, that’s completely ridiculous.  I say ridiculous a lot.  Maybe what I feel is let down by someone who should have been playing fair. What he was doing was cheating and relishing in each Tour de France win and raking in the dough.

And even though I don’t think he should be your child’s sole role model, he makes a living being a role model, right?  He endorses things that are going to make your kids faster/better/stronger supposedly.  And to be living a lie this whole time just makes me sick.  On one hand I think he should be relieved to be living his “honest” self.  But then to read the article from FoxSports, it seems like it’s all just another manipulation. Crap, and don’t even get me started on what kind of example he’s setting for his kids…

Big confession time – – I’ve won money by cheating before.  I was in a bowling league with the monkey and he was so desperate to win that trophy and what ended up being like $47 each that he fudged our scores and we won the league.  And he was excited about that win like it was a real win.  We didn’t actually win, but in his eyes it was just as good.  How weird is that?  I just felt dirty.  I didn’t even know about it at first, but when I saw the final paper my scores were higher than what I knew I had bowled.  Yes, of course, I should have said something, but I can’t even imagine what that would have looked like in the middle of the bowling banquet when the money had already been handed out.  The karma to that story is we used the money to go up the mountain gambling and I put every dirty nickel into a slot machine and came out with nothing.  He was so mad, but it wasn’t really our money, right?  That was like $47, not MILLIONS from sponsors because I’m a winner!!!

Just a few more steroids and that race was MINE!!

Just a few more steroids and that race was MINE!!

And here are my two cents because who cares, but I think he should have to give it all back, including my time spent caring.  I think he should have to get a real job to support his family and family 2.0.  I think he should be left with nothing but a bike in his rented garage.  Why should a public figure profit with dishonesty, or is that the American way?  Is he the face of the new shyster?  I personally would never give money to something based on who endorses it, and I also know I would specifically never buy anything a Kardashian endorses, but a lot of people do.  What do you think should happen to Lance Armstrong? or do I care too much?


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